Monday, November 03, 2014

Secret Stalker Mini Quilt Swap

Last week Wednesday was the Secret Stalker Mini Quilt Swap at the A2MQG meeting. 
(am I really that far behind?) 
I still can't share mine as I have submitted it to a magazine.  
Once I hear back one way or the other I will let you know.  
I will share how I wrapped it, even though I learned that we were not supposed to wrap it! 
 I made the card and used that needle minder in the center of the bow.  
I LOVED how it looked!

My person was Emily.  She loves vintage sheets and cats!  She has 2 cats Odin and Polly.
I made a label using fabric and my ink jet printer.
First I found a great vintage paper site that had free designs.
They have some adorable things on this site if you love vintage designs.

Next I went to Pic Monkey to edit the image.
This is a free photo editing site and you can easily add words, which I did.
I saved the image to a jump drive.
I was able to directly insert the jump drive into my printer.
If you can't do that you can upload to your computer and print from there.

Then I had to prep for the label.  
I had to fiddle with the settings on my printer and did a few test prints on paper until it was right.
Then I ironed Kona cotton to the shiny side of a piece of freezer paper.
I was able to feed this through my printer and print the label directly onto the fabric.

I then trimmed the label and sewed it, rst, to another piece of the white fabric.
I clipped the corners and turned and pressed and voila, a great label with no raw edges!
You can even close the opening when you sew it to the quilt.

I received a BEAUTIFUL mini quilt in return from the amazing Jackie.  
We were supposed to put on our name paper what we liked and 
I forgot all about putting Cocoaland Cats but she did a fantastic job!

She even did some hand quilting on this and it is just so lovely!
I could not be more thrilled over it.  

Over the moon with both what I gave and what I received.

Also, we closed on my dad's house on Wednesday.  
I am so relieved to be done with this!
The new people have already made sweeping changes to the house.
It looks great!!
They took out all the bushes, trimmed the pine tree and took off the ramp.


And after (so far)

More to talk about but I am running out of time!


3 comments: said...

Wow gorgeous projects. Love how you fixed it up for your swap partner.

margaret said...

teasing us again with a hint of what you have done!! you are forgiven, love how you made the label sounds very complicated o a novice like me. Yes you certainly have received a nice quilt too. Good all is settled with Dad`s house and hope the new owners will be happy there as your Dad was

Unknown said...

Love your site!
Can you tell me what the name of the quilt on the top right of your site is? Any info on how to find the pattern?

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