Monday, November 17, 2014

Paper Piecing and Trunk Show with Carolyn Friedlander

Last week on Wednesday I took a paper piecing class, 
at Pink Castle Fabrics, with Carolyn Friedlander. 
 If you don't know who she is 
(not sure which rock you are living under, but whatever, it's your rock) you can find her right here
 I pretty much already knew how to paper piece but love her new Outhouse pattern.  
I feel like you can always learn something and this time was no exception. 
 Here are the 2 blocks I finished in our class.  
I actually used Horizon from Kate Spain to make my little houses.  Aren't they adorable?

She gave us a mini charm pack of her newest fabric line Doe.  I had her sign mine!

She was super sweet and very hands on in her teaching style.  It was very nice to meet her.  
Then she did a trunk show and that was amazing! 
 Here are a few of the quilts she showed us and talked about.

She just whipped up this little Outhouse quilt for a sample 
Hey do you see my Daisy Field pattern to the left of her head??  LOL

This quilt was quite stunning.  Those circles were all appliqued!

The colorful quilt above and the calmer one below were the same pattern! 

Carolyn's quilting is what really makes these quilts amazing.  
You don't really realize how much quilting there is on them until you get to see them up close.  
She liked to do a big stitch (her words) using Perle cottons and then fill in with machine quilting.  

This is what she called her Big Houses quilt.  
I am sure (when you were not hiding under your rock) that you have seen this done as a BOM.  
It was just spectacular to see in person.

Carolyn likes to use a LOT of orange in her quilts.  
I loved the totally different color palette of this one.

I wish you could see this up close because the quilting is just stunning!

That certainly was not all of her quilts but 
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the beauties she brought with her. 

So if you read all the way to the end you deserve what you get with this pic!  
Me and Carolyn, just hanging out before class. 


4 comments: said...

Wow how fun to take a class from her. Your blocks turned out so cute!

dianne said...
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dianne said...

ha ha ha!!! i LOVE it here,under my little rock...

seriously, i wouldn't know who Carolyn Friedlander is if i didn't read your blog ... and when you said you were going to make an outhouse block, i truly expected to see a crescent moon on the door of a privy...

but (butt?!?) your little house blocks are suh-weet and it is good to hear that you had some FUN!!!

dianne said...

i had to delete my first comment because i used "a" instead of "an" with "outhouse"

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