Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Quick Finish

I did have some time to sew over the weekend and 
decided that my newest great niece needed a chenille blanket. 
 So I just whipped one up!  
Each time I make one that one is my favorite and this was no exception!  
Of course I had a little help 
(purr usual).

I decided this vintage looking bunny fabric would be a great fit for a chenille blanket.
As usual I chose 3 colors. 
 I have yellow for the uncut layer and then used the aqua to form a sandwich
 with a retro pink in the middle.  
This is what it looked like after it was cut and before I washed it.  
I have been working on my machine binding and it is improving. 
 I did glue baste the binding and then could literally zoom around the blanket and stitch it down!
  This is the tutorial I learned how to glue baste from, if you are interested in learning how too. 
 It sure makes binding easier, by hand or machine.

This is what it looked like after it was washed and dried.  
I have a tutorial on how to make this right here if you are interested in learning how to make it.  These are definitely my "go to" baby gift. 
 They are relatively inexpensive to make, make up quickly and are so loved by the babies!  
I can't even begin to tell you how tactile these are. 
 Thanks to my friend, Pauline, for introducing me to this great technique!

I joined a swap and it is called the Bitchesgotstitchesswap.  
I am in the Profanity Party group.  
It is a swap where we make something using a swear word, or innuendo or something a little "racey".  We were pretty much given the go ahead to make whatever we wanted. 
 My partner has not posted one single thing that shows me her tastes.  
No color choices, no words or statements, no idea of the kind of project she would like
 (ie a bag, mini quilt, wall hanging or whatever).  
We are supposed to make 2 things to send.  
I have decided that I want to make a bag for one of the items.  
I have never made a bag in my life!  
so I found an "easy" pattern on the web and went for it, making a practice bag this weekend.  
Notice the fish, so of course it is for my daughter.  
I used this tutorial to make this Dumpling bag and it really was quite easy!

Now my zip is not perfect but it was my first bag! 
 I will be making some of these for Christmas gifts I think. 
 Here is the inside of the pouch.  
I thought it looked like fish skin (scales) so used this for the lining.

I found this fabric at Spoonflower and though it would work for the pouch. 
 Kama Sutra bunnies, LOL.  
I bought this when they were having their BOGO sale a few weeks ago.  
The bunnies are quite large so maybe something else.  
I have a few things in mind.  

I would like to try making a boxy pouch next.  
I have seen a couple of tutorials online and one in a book that I have. 
 I like the one that has all the seams enclosed so might give that one a try. 
 I also found a great pattern for a trivet (in a book) and 
may use the bunnies as a center in the trivet (could also be a mug rug). 
 More on these things later once I have time to make them.  

I can see that I will be making some of these things for Christmas presents.  
That dumpling bag made up super quick so 
that will be one of the things I make several of for Christmas.  
What are you making for Christmas gifts?  
I am always looking for new ideas!  



Anna said...

I have never made a chenille quilt...on my list for next year :) you are really a busy little elf! :)

margaret said...

you have been busy the chenille blanket is lovely and like the dumpling bag, will check the tutorial out for that. Not sure about glueing the binding though, wonder how it will stand up to washing,

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Cute Chenille blanket. I have never made one, but my mom made me hot pads like that once. I love your racy rabbit fabric. That is too cute.

Ann said...

I got flannel on the big sale at JoAnn's last Saturday to make a few of these. I thought you used 3 layers - but your online tutorial seems to say 4 layers of flannel. Does it really matter?

Margaret said...

I read your tutorial and am a little confused on the hand basting. Are you basting along the tape that you put across the fabric or all the way around the outside edges of the quilt?

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