Friday, December 19, 2014

Patchwork Please Trivet Progress

I am totally loving the Patchwork Please trivets.  
They are so much fun to make.  
I want to try several other things in this fabulous book but not before Christmas.

I have made 5 trivets so far and just finished the last one last night. 
 I am hoping you want to see.  They all look so different!

You have already seen these two but I will re-cap:

This one was for my friend Pauline.

This one was gifted to my friend Robin.

This one was gifted to my friend Judith

This one was super special. 
 I used the butterfly fabric in the middle and back and binding that I used in the quilt I gifted to my friend Holly when she was going through her radiation treatment.  

This is the back of the butterfly one.  I love Tamara Kate's fabric!

Someone asked me how I put them together. 
 I paperpieced the tops and then sandwiched like making a quilt using 
Insul-Bright ( heat resistant batting) in the middle and backing then quilted, trimmed and bound them.

Flatter was my friend for nice crisp fabrics and I glue basted the binding and sewed it down on the front by machine.  Much easier than hand stitching it down!

I have a few more to make but they have been really fun. 
 They would make cute mug rugs too  using just regular batting.  

I take my hubby in to the hospital tomorrow late afternoon for his kidney stone removal.  
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  

I am going to link up the Finish It Up Friday, if I can figure out how to do it with my phone.  
I am writing this a day early so hopefully I can figure it out tomorrow!

I leave you with a shot of Autumn trying her best to be a snowman!

Have a great weekend!!



Swedish Scrapper said...

Love these too! I find bias binding is quite helpful. My dh has also had kidney stones. Just as bad as labor, as far as I can tell from the outside! Will be sending good wishes. said...

Your trivets are very cute. Hugs and prayers for you today hope everything goes great!

Catskill Quilter said...

Best of luck for a speedy recovery for your Hubbie! My son-in-law has them -- awful! I love these trivets -- and happily, I actually have the book! They are all so distinctive looking!

Kim said...

I've been wanting to make some since I saw the tutorial. Yours looks awesome!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Love them! What size needle do you use to quilt through the insulbrite?

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