Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

I can't even begin to tell you all the things that happened last week!  
Hubby had kidney stones.  
That was not fun for him at all. 
It was not fun for me either. 
I took the bus to work that day so had no car to go home and get him.
I called my son and he drove hubby to the ER, then I walked over to the ER.
Upon release, I met my daughter and got her car keys, went back to the lab to get my things, got the car and drove to the ER to get hubby.
Then we dropped off his prescription and dropped him at home.
I went back to get the meds, and do the Thanksgiving shopping, drove home, put away the food.
Then back to work to pick up my daughter and then back home so she could drop me off.

She and I ended up going to see Mocking Jay part one and it was fabulous!

Hubby seems to be ok. 
We think they passed as the pain is now gone.  
He goes to the doctor on Wednesday to see how things are and hopefully get cleared to fly again.  

We only had our eldest daughter and son for Thanksgiving at our house so we had a small turkey.   
It was actually one from our daughter's farm.  
We decided to cook it open over the stuffing (we saw that on tv) and it was fabulous! 
 This is what it looked like.  
I don't know about you but I like the stuffing inside the bird the best (the other is often dry) and
 this way all of the stuffing had juice from the turkey and it was amazing!

On Friday we did not go Black Friday shopping in stores, but in the afternoon we did go to the farm for awhile to help replace the roof on the chicken coop (an old Rubbermaid shed).  
Then we went to Depot Town and walked around.  
There was a fly shop hubby wanted to go visit.  
We went into some antique/thrift shops too. 
 In one of the shops they had these amazing Kit Kat clocks.  
I had only seen them in black so was super excited to see one in turquoise! 
 Wouldn't this be adorable in my aqua sewing room?? 
 Maybe I will have to ask Santa for one for Christmas?

Then we hunkered down and did some online shopping. 
 I did order a roll of batting from Joann while it was on sale and a few other things from a few places.  As I was ordering, Aiden decided to do some kitty lovin' on my.  
It was so cute I had to take a video to share.

I did finish a few things this weekend also but will save those for another post. 
 I sure wish the weekends were longer.  
We started cleaning and bringing in the Christmas stuff. 
 I hope to have the tree up this week! 
 How are you coming along in your Christmas decorating?


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Oh hope hubby's kidney stones have passed. The turkey looks fantastic. Yep I think you have been a good girl and Santa needs to bring you the aqua kitty clock.

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