Friday, December 05, 2014

Naughty Bunnies

I am in a naughty swap called bitchesgetstitchesswap.  
We are using bad language and some other fun things (as you saw in my last post) for our swap gifts.  I did use some of the bunny fabric to make the cutest little trivet for my swap partner. 
 It is from the book Patchwork Please.  
There are some fabulous patterns in this book. 
My friend Ayumi is the author.  
You can find her amazing book right here on Amazon.  
Since the naughty bunnies are the centerpiece I thought I should surround them with some overly sweet fabrics, maybe giving them some privacy eh? 
 So I choose Scrumptious for the fabrics (it also has the word scrump in it, giggle).  I
 used insulbright for the batting so it could be used for a trivet for something hot.  
You could also just use it for a mug rug. 
 So here is my little naughty trivet.

Here is what the back looked like before I sewed the binding down.  

I think it came out cute.  
Several of the co-workers that I showed it to did not realize what the bunnies were up to, so I think it is subtle enough not to be offensive to anyone that may see it. 
 Although if you are participating in this particular swap I would hope you are ready for whatever! 
 I think I may make some of these for Christmas gifts this year too.  
Would YOU be happy to receive one of these trivets?
(not with the naughty bunnies, just with pretty fabric).

I have another idea too for a mini quilt for my partner. 
 I don't think she views my blog so I will show you the embroidery I have planned.  
I am still contemplating how to make it into a mini quilt but I have some ideas.  
You know of my love of peacocks so this incorporates that.

I would embroider the peacock and the words (already traced on to fabric)
then do some kind of border.
I am considering some form of flying geese, probably from my friend Kelly's patterns.
I love her Goosing borders so that will probably be the one.
You may need her patterns too.  They are stunning!

I need to figure out a color scheme for the embroidery yet, but I am excited to get started.

I am linking up with Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Have a great weekend!



~Diana said...

What brave women you are! It's all so hilarious~and I seriously love those naughty bunnies! Giggle all the way :) said...

Oh I love that trivet or mug rug. 1. The pattern is very cool. 2. The surrounding fabric is very sweet 3. I love your bunnies!

Dolores said...

I think the hexagon shape lends itself beautifully as a trivet or a mug rug. I'd love one. The peacock would look great in a variegated thread. Looks like a fun project.

Lee Ann L. said...

My mouth dropped open immediately upon seeing it. So, not so subtle for me! Dan (my husband) busted a gut (laughing) when he glanced over at my computer and saw the image. SMH. Too cute by the way. :-)

Michele said...

Hehehe. Very cute.

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