Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anybody Looking For The Old Thimbleberries BOM?

I was cleaning out my sewing room closet to get ready for the contractor to come today.  
I had no idea how much I had origamied into that floor and the shelves on the back of the closet!  Look how nice those empty shelves and floor look.  
The workers need access to the panel in the ceiling in the closet for the attic.

Since there is work being done in all three rooms, I had no where else to put the closet "stuff" except on the floor in front of where I sew!  I even had to fold up my sewing table. 
 What a HUGE mess!!

The good news is that I found some old Thimbleblossom BOM kits and the entire set of patterns! 
 I would love to destash them to a good home.  
I also found some other books and patterns.  Shipping would be by FRE (flat rate envelope), 
for yardage and First class for patterns.  
I am willing to ship international but you have to be able to pay the postage 
(whatever that ends up being).
Please leave your paypal address and zip code, if you are interested and which item(s) you are interested in purchasing.  
I will combine shipping where I can. 
 You can fit 8-9 yards of fabric in one FRE.  
The FRE is $5.50

Here we go!  
This is for the November kit which includes the patterns and 2.5 yards of fabric.  
It is $15 plus shipping

Complete set of Thimbleberries Club patterns from the 2004 club $10 plus shipping

This is the December kit which includes ~4 yards of fabric and the pattern.  $21 plus shipping

I found some books and patterns, please leave your paypal and zipcode if interested, 
so I can figure out postage.

Adventures and Applique  I love this book but somehow ended up with 2 copies!  $5

On a Roll all jelly roll quilts  $5

Sweet Dreams Lily by Bunny Hill  $5

Jack and Jill Quilts many quilts for boys and girls $5

 Some vintage children's clothing patterns  $2 each, plus shipping

A vintage maternity pattern and one for a man's jacket and vest $2 each plus shipping

Six assorted one yard cuts of DS Quilts fabric.  Not splitting at this time $75 plus shipping

Six assorted one yard cuts of DS Quilts fabric.  Not splitting at this time $75 plus shipping

Three assorted half yard cuts of DS Quilts fabric $20 plus shipping.  Not splitting at this time.

Six inches x WOF Joel Dewberry $5 shipped.



Judy in Michigan said...

Enjoyed your memories from yesterday but somehow I missed why you are working on 3 rooms, attic??? Sounds exciting. We were all "babes" back in the day!!! LOL

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

OK cleaning out your closet reminds me of my horrendous closet that I cannot even reach. At least it isn't the attic access! But my sewing room looks like that all the time.

GregSnLA said...

Hi there- I am very interested in obtaining some of your Thimbleberries BOM patterns and perhaps some kits. Can you please give me an estimate on what you have available? Thank you! Greg

debra post said...

I'm interested in the Thimbleberries kits if you still have them. zip 46107. fabricartqueen@yahoo.com

Karen said...

any complete or separate patterns for the 2004
BOM club??? I'm soo interested!!!
Karen Montgomery 951-333-6114 Riverside, CA

Karen said...

I'm interested in the complete pattern collection for the thimbleberries quilt club 2004!! Pleaselet me know if it's still available. My email is cmsewer1@sbcglobal.net thanks soooo very much as I have all the fabric (minus a couple..) and I'm sooo excited to complete the quilt and all the runners & wall hangings!!

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