Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pie Making Day

Not *actual* pie silly!  
Brenda Ratliff, owner of Pink Castle Fabrics is coming out with her first fabric line and it is called Pie Making Day!  

The fabric is from RJR and will be available to everyone in July. 
 Ask your favorite quilt shops to carry it!! 
 It is gorgeous! 
 The rich jewel tones of this line do NOT disappoint.

I got my hands on a F8th bundle to make something for Brenda's booth for spring quilt market. 
  I guess if I can't go at least something I make will be there right?  
Here is a peek at this amazing line.
I'm pretty sure the raspberry and the teal are my favorites but 
I actually really love this entire color palate!!

I have a small quilt in progress and here you can see as I was building the blocks for part of the quilt.  Since I am using white as the background for these blocks 
I decided to use gray as the other "neutral". 

 I also have to say that the Optical White RJR solid (also designed by Brenda) is my all time, hands down, favorite white!

This is the layout of the yellow basket.

And the green basket

I only had enough time to get them all cut out and 2 of them sewn.  Here is the orange one.

And the teal one.  I can't wait to add the handles!  
You will be surprised about what I do for that! 

 I have a few more things to do that I have not cut out yet that will complete the top. 
 I will share those when I actually have time to cut and sew them, hopefully this week sometime!

I am embroidering the center of the quilt using a free pattern I found online. 
 I am using the Aurifloss that matches the teal for the embroidery. 
 I had not worked with this previously and I have to say it stitches like a dream!
  I also totally LOVE the color of this floss. 
 It is so vibrant!  
Here is a progress shot.  
I am almost finished with this part of the project, just a few flowers and it will be done.

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into my little project.  
I will have to see if I can post the finished project before market or not. 

 Would anyone be interested in a tutorial or QAL of this project?  
You can substitute any center embroidery that you like and 
we can talk about that if there is interest in this project.

I hope all my Christian friends had a nice Easter.  
We had my eldest daughter and her SO over as well as my youngest son. 
 Just missed the middle daughter.  
It was a nice, low key, no stress kind of a day. I leave you with a pic of my family. 
 Daughter, son and SO in that order. 

Happy sewing!



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Oh that fabric is gorgeous. Love how your baskets are turning out. Where did you find the cute embroidery pattern? I would love to make it!

Gretchen said...

Love this project and the colors are wonderful!

Marj said...

I would love to participate in a QAL of this cute quilt. Also love the fabric!

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