Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kara and Dan's Wedding Quilt

I am sorry I have been MIA, but I have had jury duty for the last 7 business days
 in downtown Detroit!  
It was a very serious case and we deliberated a long time but in the end the jury was hung.  
 It was interesting to get to see how things work.  
Even though no one wants to go it is important to serve.  
A truly awesome responsibility.  
Enough of that! 
 Now back to my regular life, so to speak.

I was finally able to gift that purple and gray wedding quilt!!  
I can now show you a photo of the entire quilt all finished!!!  
It was a BEAST of a quilt finishing at 102" X 102".

This first photo is of the top before it was quilted.  The background is really white.

My lawn was the only place large enough to lay it out for a photo!

Close up of the center.  My awesome quilter, quilted the center with hearts.

Of course it had to be inspected and the proper amount of cat fur deposited before gifting!

I used up my entire stash of Kona Ash for the back and 
it still needed a strip of fabric to make it long enough!

Label sewn into the back

Another close up.

I especially love the feathers and "pearls" in the borders!  Right next to the X and O borders!!

 Kara and Dan and the big reveal at Kara's parents home the day after the wedding.  
We were so fortunate to be able to be there when they opened it!

I think they are pretty happy with their new quilt! 

We stayed around while they opened all their gifts and when they were all finished I snapped this 

Collier Studios did their photos and these were two of my favorites!

My beautiful daughter is the first one on the left.

It was an amazing weekend and we were so blessed to be able to share in the celebration!

I have LOTS more to share about the things I have been doing so stay tuned.



Mary Caldwell said...

That quilt turned out SO pretty. What a fabulous gift for the newlyweds. said...

Oh the quilt turned out fabulous! What a great opportunity to see them open their gifts and how much they enjoyed it. You did a great job, and the quilting is fabulous.

~Diana said...

BEAUTIFUL quilt! Gorgeous :)

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Beautiful quilt!

Judy in Michigan said...

Congratulations to you for completing this amazing quilt. It is just beautiful Pam with all the special touches (X and O).

DianeF said...

That quilt definitely lived up to the suspense of waiting to see it! Wow, what a treasure for a beautiful couple who hopefully have many years of happiness ahead of them.

Michele said...

Oh wow. It is really fabulous.

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