Friday, May 29, 2015

Improvising Traditions Quilt

I got together with some friends a couple of weekends ago to work on a quilt top for another friend.

Our homework was to each make a strip a la the quilt in Improvising Traditions. 

 Since the three of us work together we all brought our fabric and 
made selections for the sections each of us were going to sew.  
The three colors we chose were green, aqua and royal.  I got the green section.  
Here are some of my progress shots.  

Seems like my pieces got smaller as I went along.
Yay improv!

This is going to be a pretty large quilt and I could barely get a good photo of my strip!

This is all the strips laid out together.  So much prettier in person!  

With the three of us working all day we were able to get the gray background cut.  
Robin, a graphic artist, was in charge of figuring out how large we needed each element as we were enlarging the quilt to fit on a queen sized bed.  
She had cutting diagrams and everything!!  
We also got the entire top put together and the binding all made.  
We used the gray with a 2 inch "pop" of each color. 
 I went home and got the fabric together to make the back.  A strip of each color.

A finished top!!!

This is the same crew that worked on all those napkins!!!  
We all love how this came out and working together on a project.  
It was determined that we will do this quilt 3 more times with each of us making a strip for each quilt.  We will each end up with a quilt and will have strips made by our friends incorporated into it!!!  
We will all choose the colored strips we want too.

It was a fabulous day spent sewing with my friends.  
Robin's mom was able to join us too. 
 She is an artist and her work is fabulous.  She always enjoys spending time with us when we work.  Now that the work is over it's wine time!!!

Happy Quilting!


4 comments: said...

What a cool quilt and you ladies made it in one day is fabulous. Great idea to make one for each of you.

~Diana said...

Well done Ladies!

margaret said...

how I love the block you have made here, not sure how you do it but will try and work it out

Michele T said...

Gorgeous quilt!!! I need to try something like this and step outside my comfort zone!!

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