Monday, May 04, 2015


Hey there, I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted.  
Life has been a little bit more hectic then normal and 
I really can't see this letting up for all of this month.  
Our eldest daughter asked us to attend a bird swap with her and 
her friend near Shipshewana last weekend.  
We have been trying to get to Shipshe for quite a few months and 
it looked like this was the prime opportunity to do so.  
We decided to go on Friday and do our "usual" things then meet up for dinner with our daughter
 and her friend and her mom.  

First up is always Jo Jo's Pretzels. 
 I LOVE their pretzels. 
 I was even able to look them up for their point value too.  
That helped me to know that I should only eat half of one!

"Horse Drawn Vehicles Only"  Don't see that sign every day!

They were having their May Fest and the fried pie people were there.  
They were making them right there.  How could I just walk away without sampling one?
  I could not do it!!  Mmmmm, Pie!
Worth every point!

I will share the rest of our time there in another post as the quilt portion is pretty extensive! 
 We had to get up at 4:30am (on a Saturday!! You know we love her if we were willing to do that!)  Drive for another 20 minutes to the "swap".  
This way, she assured us, we would get a place to park that was not in the back 40. 
 It was still dark actually, when we arrived.  
This was after walking down 2 rows and I thought to get a photo.  
We actually needed a flashlight to see what they were putting out!

I think the predominant chicken was the Isa Brown.  There were LOTS of those there.

Many different kinds of chickens.  
There were also, pea fowl, Guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, goats, cows, puppies and 
kitties there as well as some fox kits and raccoons.
 There seemed to be a little bit of everything.

We were on the hunt for a few peafowl.  
This little purple female pea came home with us.  
No name as of yet but she is very sweet and unafraid of people.  
As I understand it, my daughter will be picking up a purple male at the next swap 
(arrangements have been made!)

She seemed to fit in well with the other birds too. 
 We stopped in to see how everyone was doing on Saturday night.

Octavian the second likes to perch on the pen door!

All in all a successful swap and trip to Shipshewana all the way around.  
Quilty version coming soon.



Anna said...

What a fun time! I am also a pretzel lover, lol said...

What a fun outing, even though you were up and out of the house at o dark thirty.

Rosa said...

Wow, sounds a great day.Beautiful pics!

Jeanne said...

One of my favorite places to visit! Glad you had a great time.

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