Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Little Birdie Told Me

I realize, looking back at some photos that I have not posted some of the 
things I have finished working on! 
 Remember when I was going over to work on the Improv quilt top with my two friends?
 I made a little pin cushion for my friend that hosted the get together.

Her name is Robin, so when I saw this sweet pattern I could not resist making it for her.
  It was called something else but all I could think of when I saw the pattern was a robin.

See that fat little Robin fabric?  
That's what I put on the back of the pin cushion. 
 I want to make some coasters for her in the near future using this pattern also.
  Isn't it so adorable? 
 It came as part of the Block of the Day program. 
 If you subscribe to the Quilt Pro Block of the Day program (free)
 they send you a different block every day.  
I think you have 3 days to save it and then it is gone. 
 If you are interested, you can check it out here.  
I have received several really great block patterns!

Have a wonderful day!


3 comments: said...

Cute fabric! I am thinking I need a more portable pincushion.

Unknown said...

This video has inspired me and so many other people

margaret said...

a pretty and useful gift. Popped over to see the bocks and signed up, all I need to do know is get help in installing the printer to my laptop!

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