Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Canning and Life

Sometimes life gets so busy doesn't it? 
 We had to go to a funeral of a friend's mom on Friday. 
 It was so great to reconnect with our friends!  
They live out of state but the entire family was there so it was nice to reconnect.  

Then we decided we needed to go pick strawberries (and peas). 
 So we went out to the farm and picked up our daughter and "BEEP" (her new baby peacock). 
 I got to hold Beep in the truck on the way to the berry patch.  
Beep will now have the honor of being the new house peacock.  
Fingers crossed he fares better than the last one.  (RIP Gizmo)  
Beep was the first of 5 to hatch out.  You can watch the  chicks live right here.

Here is a pic of hubby picking.  He kind of looks like a giant picking the tops of trees but whatever!

Here is one box of berries

We picked around 20 pounds of berries!!

 They were so good!!

Also some sugar snap peas

On Saturday we had a graduation party to attend. 
 Our babysitter had three girls and her oldest was graduating from High School.  
(No that does NOT make me old, thank you very much).  
When we got home we decided (and by we I mean me) 
that the berries were not going to keep for very long so we had to make jam.  
So I began cleaning berries and started the jam making process.  
So many hours and 23 jars of jam later we (I) was finished.  
We had a couple of packages for the freezer of just berries too. 
 You can see the 3 jars of peas we did as well.  
Actually I won't even pretend I did those, although I did shell most of the peas!

What did you do this weekend?



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Your berries look yummy. No canning this weekend just playing with boys and sewing

Mary Caldwell said...

I love peas :)

barbara woods said...

it want be long before our garden come in and i will be canning. Little every thing in out half garden already

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