Friday, June 05, 2015

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today the world lost an amazing man and I lost my dad. 
He was part daredevil.

He was fascinated by my daughter's peacock, Gizmo.  
It was one of his fondest dreams later in his life to get to visit her farm and see all her peacocks.

He got that wish.
He was petting the pet turkey, Jocelyn here.

He and Gizmo sharing a bonfire at the farm.

He love my children fiercely and unconditionally and they adored him.

This is one of the last outings we were able to go on together.  
We drove to Lansing to see his best friend and stopped in Mason for ice cream on the way home.

This is my favorite photo of me and my dad.  
It was taken on my wedding day almost 32 years ago now.

I miss my dad.  I think about him all the time. 
 I still want to pick up the phone and give him a call to tell him something that has happened or is happening in my life, but I know he knows.

If you still have your dad or grandpa in your life, take a minute and give him an extra hug today in memory of my dad.  Spend a few more minutes listening to that same old story once again.  Appreciate all the time you have left and take LOTS of pictures.  

RIP dad, you are loved and missed!



Judy in Michigan said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad. I can't believe it's a year already. I'm sure he's got a big smile on his face today - so proud of you Daughter! said...

I agree a great tribute.

margaret said...

the year seemed to have flown, some lovely photos you have shared of him today. I lost my Dad in 1984 and still miss him so much. Thinking of you today Pam. remember all the lovely times you had with hm

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

My Dad passed away when I was in my 20's, so he's been gone a very long time. Love the picture from your wedding. Precious memories.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I don't know you or your family but I liked your post today, sharing the love you have for a wonderful Dad through his photo's.

Colleen Yarnell said...

Im hugging my dad alot as he just lost his 4th parent, his stepdad Friday. We spent the last 4 days telling stories and later this week he will tell more as we elebrate Grandpa Jaks life! Im as blessed as you were!

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