Monday, November 30, 2015


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. 
 I hope, for those of you that celebrate it, that you did too.  
I made way too much food (but sent most home with my kids)  
This is what the "pre" Thanksgiving table looked like.

It was a pretty typical Thanksgiving day with all but one of my kids home. 
 The dog and the peahen seemed to enjoy the festivities!  Doesn't everyone have a house peahen?  

Of course the superstar of the weekend was our turkey.  
You may have seen the photo of my husband wrestling with this monster in an earlier blog post.  
Out daughter raised several turkeys this year.  

This was our spread for dinner.  Everything was so good. 
 I tried a new orange bread recipe and think I was the only one that liked it 
(probably too much!)  

And of course, my beloved Spartans won their football game clinching the division title,
 now on to the game against Iowa for the BIG championship game!!

I did manage to sneak in a little sewing too but will save that for another post!

How did you enjoy the long weekend?



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