Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WIPs With Friends

I seem to always be posting my first post of the week on Wednesdays! 
 It is very difficult to find time to sew right now though.  
We are in FULL wedding prep mode lately.  
Seems like my entire weekend was taken up with shopping for things that are wedding related.  
The shower is planned and invites are sent out.  
I had a friend help me with a poster of a haunted house scene 
that people can stand in front of and take pictures.  
I bought some mini wine bottles to check label size for wedding favors.  
Of course I had to sample the wine and see which one I like the best.  
Now I need to go and order a LOT of those.  
My friend, Robin, is a graphic artist and she will help me make the wine bottle labels. 
 I have gathered all the dead flowers and need to spray paint those and make the table centerpieces. 
 I guess this whole Hallowedding is part of my weekly WIP right now, LOL.

On to my quilty progress though.  
I did manage to get a few things sewn ( this witches broom) and made progress on my BIG bat.

I managed to finish an entire half of this bat!  Now I want to have time to finish the other half!!

Isn't he GREAT??  I love this pattern!  The big one has been the easiest one so far.  
After him I have 2 more new to me techniques that I am nervous about doing.  
One involves curved piecing and the other one is EPP, YIKES!

I am linking up with Le't's Bee Social too.

What are you working on?  Time for you to share with all of us.

Since no one is linking up, do you want me to stop this?



Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

HI, visiting from Sew Fresh Quilts. I didn't know about your link party. I don't have a WIP to link up, most of my posts are finishes. I do know it takes a while to get the word out, so don't give up too soon. Maybe email some of your blogger friends to link up and then promote it elsewhere like you did today.

Pam said...

Nice work! I just love how this is shaping up. Great wing and excellent background fabric!

Ioleen said...

Do you have a hashtag on Instagram?

Lorna McMahon said...

Sounds like you have been very busy... But what an exciting wedding this will be! Your bat is looking super spooky. And that broom block is so cute too!

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