Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIPs With Friends

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I am still working on the Hallowedding quilt.  
I managed to finish the large bat this past weekend.  
It is even more gorgeous in real life. 
 The photo truly does not do it justice!

Here are the three bats all together so you can see the size difference.

I have decided to add a few blocks that were not in the original quilt by Flying Parrot Quilts.  
One was this tombstone and bat.  Isn't that spooky forest fabric fantastic??

It *had* to have a black cat.  This free pattern by Artsiana fit in nicely. 
 I think I need to make it 12" x 12" but will wait until I begin putting the quilt together to see what needs added to or taken away.

When I made this block I knew I wanted to include the wedding date.  
I translated it into Roman Numerals and added the spider and his web.  
I typed the letters out on paper, then copied using a light box onto the tombstone 
then hand embroidered it.  
The spider and web were just free hand embroidered.

Lastly, I really wanted to include their names in the quilt somehow.  
I gave this a lot of thought. 
 I finally settled on using the lettering from their invitations 
which was a very odd, sketchy, creepy font.  
Next was trying to figure out how to execute that, LOL.  
I had my niece write the lettering out in their names. 
 Then I had my friend make it the size I wanted it and printed it out.  
Ok, then I had to think about it.  

I decided that I wanted to try to Scribble Stitch the letters, but I felt in order for it to really match the actual lettering I needed an outline.  
I used my trusty light box and traced the letters onto some fabric and tried the easiest name first. 
 I put on my free motion foot, dropped the feed dogs and put in some black Aurifil 50 weight thread.  Then I *carefully* began my stitching.  

I put on my machine quilting gloves to give me some better control and that was a good decision.  What I didn't do, and I probably should have (and probably will for the other words) 
was to use some kind of stabilizer on the back. 
 Don't get me wrong, it still worked, 
but there was some major pressing happening to make it lay flat and unwrinkled! 
 OK time for the big reveal.

You can see the paper with the lettering on the left and the stitched name on fabric on the right.  
Not too shabby for a first attempt!!  
On to the bride's name and the word "Hallowedding"!!!

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Sue said...

I love your Halloween themed blocks! Paper piecing is one thing I have not been able to tedious for me but I love the piecing others do! Can't wait to see the whole thing when you finish!

Santee Bobbie said...

This Hallowedding quilt is just FABULOUS ! A great job and gift. Whoeee,you are amazing.

Rachel said...

This quilt is going to be amazing with all these great blocks! Love the tombstone and those bats are awesome!

Lisa S. said...

This quilt is going to be epic! I especially love thabiggest bat.

Lorna McMahon said...

This is going to be the most epic wedding quilt ever! My fave block so far is the big bat, but I must say how clever it was of you to come up with the Roman numeral inscription for the wedding date on the tombstone. This is amazing!

Kathi Riemer said...

What a fun quilt for an interesting wedding theme. I love the way the name turned out too. said...

Your quilt is going to be great.

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