Monday, February 27, 2017

I Carry Your Heart In Mine

I want to thank you all for being so kind about my Autumn cat crossing over to the rainbow bridge.  Your words of comfort were so wonderful.  
It is never easy to send a furry family member on the next leg of their journey, as many of you know from first hand experience as well. 
 I saw this and was comforted by it and thought I would share it with you all.

As many of you know that follow me this was my beloved Autumn.  
She was always in my sewing room with me, frequently with her tail very close to the needle. 
 She would often lay her head so close the fabric would go over her head as I sewed. 
 She just wanted to be near me.  
I like to think that she is in an angel's lab giving them some joy!

Interestingly my other calico, Hallie has taken up the hat of sewing room companion! 
 I was working on my Ocean Waves quilt this weekend and got up. 
 When I cam back 
she was resting her head on the pieces I was sewing while they were under the needle!

Remember the Bigfoot baby quilt I was making with my friends?  
Well, there were a few extra trees.  
Which led to an extra Bigfoot being created. 
 I decided to make them into a wall hanging but it looked kind of bare 
so I wanted to embroider something on it.  
I decided to add the quote,

"I carry your heart in mine"  

I guess this is how I have been feeling about all the cats I have lost.  
I will always carry their hearts in mine. 
 Just as the new mom will carry her baby's heart in hers.  

I did the quilting on this too.  Not sure you can tell but I put a heart in a heart on the Bigfoot. 

I quilted her in a grid using masking tape for the line work.

I am especially happy with how the tree turned out with those additional triangles being made.

Here is the whole top with the binding on it.

This is the back.  I put those triangles into the binding so the quilt can be hung on the wall.

That's pretty much what I was up to this past weekend.  How about you?



Ioleen said...

I'm working on getting the Meadow Mist Mystery quilt flimsy done. Took a break from sewing and did some cross stitch with friends at a senior centre. Was a nice change of pace.

Rosa said...

So cute,love them all.Today I finished join all the sampler 365 blocks. said...

I am sorry for your loss. How sweet that Hallie has decided to fill that spot. Cute quilt love the purple bigfoot, and the tree is gorgeous.

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