Thursday, February 02, 2017

Meet The Newest Addition To the Family

Hubby and I were at the Sally Ann last night.  
It was 25% off for seniors (anyone over 55).  
You'll never guess what I happened to find.  
I am always on the look out for vintage sewing machines. 
 It seems most of the ones at the SA are in pretty rough shape and not usually Singers.  
I found a Model 66-16 Singer in a cabinet!!  
I was so thrilled.  
I have divested myself of three vintage machines to dae.
(to the vintage sewing machine man in Munith).  
Hubby said to go for it.  So I bought her and now she is mine!!!

Here are some photos I took in the store.  
She needs a foot pedal and power cord but those are easily obtained.  
Also a little TLC, but she is a beauty!!! 
 Made in 1952.

Have a great Thursday!!



dot said...

Did you get rid of your Spartan?

dianne said...

you know who else was made in 1952, don'cha?!? and needs a little TLC?!? coincidence?!? ha ha ha!!! said...

I have one of those, that is the one I like to FMQ on.

Bettina Groh said...

love my old Singers from a green 50's one to a Featherweight to my mother-in-law's square black 301A... there's another up in the attic in a wooden bent wood case that I don't use. Lucky for me that I have someone ( usually my husband) who can keep them in tip top running condition. He has downloaded all sorts of manuals from the Singer site which he keeps in a folder for when he has a question.
My fancy Bernina is for fancy stuff ... not bears or quilting!!

Ioleen said...

Looks good. Did you name her?

CA Bobbie said...

wonderful find,congrats

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