Wednesday, March 01, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I'm pretty sure you can tell from the last post what I have been working on! 
 I did manage to finish the baby Yeti wall hanging.  
It has been a bittersweet week at my house this week.  
Every time I go into my sewing room I am reminded that Autumn is no longer with me. 
 I miss her so much!

Hallie is trying so hard to fill those shoes.
  She is very sweet and with all the other cats in heaven now, she is coming into her own.  
I am remembering the reason my daughter left her with us. 
 That cat LOVES me.  
When I get home she is waiting on the steps and wants to go upstairs.  
She is a little overweight so getting up on the bed or my sewing table requires a little more thought, but she does it.  
She sleeps next to me every night now too.  Like a giant, purring cat pillow!

I did get another Ocean Waves block done. 
 Even though each block seems to take forever to do, I am really enjoying the process. 
 I have to say it is encouraging me to sew slowly and more precisely.  
I feel like 99% of my points are right on. 
 I have found that pressing open has really helped with this. 
 It was something I learned in a class with Jan Krentz. 
 Not only does it reduce bulk but it allows you to see more easily where to pin for perfect points. 
 I will try to get a good photo of what I mean when I get home.

If you want to play along you can find the collection of posts about the QAL under my header.
It says Ocean Waves QAL.
If you click on it you will go to the posts with directions.

We are leaving for vacation to visit my in-laws tomorrow, 
so I will probably not be posting here for the next week. 
 I am not bringing my computer only my iPad and it is really difficult to post using that.
  I should be on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see what we are doing.  
Otherwise I will post all about our trip once I get home.  
My son will be staying at our house to watch over the house and keep Hallie company.

I will link up to Sew Fresh Quilts

Your turn now.  
Share with all of us what you are working on.  
Please use the blue Inlinkz button to share.  
If you are sharing on Instagram please use #OceanWavesQAL.  

Have a Happy Week!



Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

MamaSpark have a safe trip. I am heading through AA tomorrow and wanting to stop at one or two quilt shops. What are your favorites in the area?

Jennifer said...

You Ocean Waves block looks fantastic. Glad you have Hallow for comfort and love. Safe travels.

Melanie said...

Love the Ocean Waves block. I am doing a OW quilt as well. Quite tedious the blocks but so great to look at :)

Ioleen said...

Love ❤️ your ocean waves block. Enjoy you vacation. said...

I agree making the blocks really tests your accuracy and I haven't even made one full block yet just 12 parts. Enjoy the vacation. You need it.

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