Friday, March 31, 2017

Sometimes It's All About Perspective

While it appears that I have not been doing anything much, I actually have.  
I don't have much quilty to show for my week (hand stitching some binding down) but there has been a mission at our parish all week long that I have been attending.  
I came home from work, ate a quick dinner and drove to my church.  
These were some later nights but with a lot of spiritual growth for me!  
I belong to a very traditional Catholic church but became a Catholic only just before I got married.  This week has taught me a LOT and 
I am thankful that I was given this amazing opportunity to grow in my faith.

The mission ended last night and on the way home I said to my husband 
that I had not gotten much done this week.  
He reminded me how very much, very important things I had actually done this week.  
Sometimes life is all about perspective isn't it?

I have a few fun photos to share with you of Beep.  
My friend at work has a grandson, Drew, that has a class project.  
His older brother had done the same one a few years ago.  
You may remember Flat Jack.  This time it is flat Drew.  
The kids in the class take a photo and make a "flat" version of themselves.  
Then they ask friends and relatives to take photos of them visiting wherever they live.  
We send the photos back to the class with the info on where they were taken 
and maybe a story or two. 
 I sent Flat Drew to visit Beep.  

Beep was very curious about Flat Drew.  
I also sent along a link to the video of Beep playing the Xylaphone!  

So as we head into the weekend remember not to neglect your spiritual health, 
it is even MORE important than quilty content.  

I think I needed this reminder.

Enjoy your weekend my friends!



Judy in Michigan said...

Happy to hear about you and your mission. I remember those from my younger days. You don't hear of them as much now. Cute idea about Flat Drew and Beep. Enjoy the weekend. We had snow last night - maybe 2". BUT, the temps starting tomorrow will be in the 50s...YAHOO!!

Janice Holton said...

Good reminder about what things matter most. :)

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