Monday, April 02, 2018

Hero Rats

I know this seems an odd thing to post about but I am completely smitten.  
I found out about Hero Rats via the Apopo website.  
These areAfrican Pouched Rats .
They train them to detect land mines and help reclaim land for use by the people in Africa and other countries plagued by land mines. 

They train these rats to detect explosives by scent then take them into the fields.  
They operate on a tether system and can clear land much faster than the de-miners with metal detectors as they only show where they smell explosive materials rather than just metal.  
To date they have cleared over 2.5 million square meters of land!!  
Not one rat has been harmed either!!!  
There are over 60 countries that have a landmine issue.

Additionally, some smart person decided to see if they could also train them to detect TB. 
 They use scent training to work to train them.  
One rat can check a hundred samples in less than 20 minutes, 
a task that would take a lab technician up to 4 days.  
It has improved the clinical detection by 40%!

They are always looking for funding support.
You can adopt a Hero Rat for only $7/month!
There are other ways you can help.
Please go to the APOPO website and look under Hero gifts.
They have things like a bunch of bananas, a home, dinner for 2 and a love nest.
All available for less than you spend on a dinner out.

They have gift bundles too.  
My favorite is the LoveRAT Gift Collection.

You get really nice certificates when you help.
If you adopt a rat you get all the info on your rat too.

I have no affiliation with this program.
I just think this is an amazing program!

If you are looking for a special gift to give the person that has everything,
send a gift in their name to the Hero Rats!
They will send them a certificate too.

Please spread the word about this amazing program.
Hero Rats ROCK!



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