Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WIPs With Friends

Another Wednesday is here and it is time to share what we are working on.  
I went to GR yesterday rather than sew.  
My younger sister has Cerebral Palsy. 
 She had a pre-surgical appointment to schedule Baclofen pump instillation. 
 I watch over her as I promised my dad I would do.  
She lived with my folks for so long and was very much sheltered. 
She did not develop, IMHO, like she should have mentally. 
 I am teaching her how to live on her own, but it is a LONG, uphill struggle.  
Who knew that at my age I would have a 49 year old middle schooler!  
Emotionally and cognatively she is very young.  
Her entire life was centered around her and she has had a difficult time adjusting to 
learning how to do things for herself.  
She struggles with people not catering to her and having to learn how not to piss people off with that.  She has a very steep learning curve since those pathways in her brain were not formed when she was young, BUT she is learning, just slower than I would like, LOL.  
I believe God is teaching me patience through her.  

My husband, bless him, is a patient guy with all of that and he drove me yesterday.  
Of course we made a few stops at some quilt stores.  
Why oh why, did I even buy any new fabric?  
I don't"need" any but nonetheless I bought some things.  
These are the things I bought.

I have not seen the seahorse fabric in a long time so picked some up. 
 The mint and gray are for a planned future quilt and t
he orange dot will be part of another cat project.

Seriously, how could I pass up a little bit of these cats?

The star will be used in the traveling quilt for ones I receive and those snails,
 probably in the same quilt as the mint and gray above.

The best was finding these older Lizzy House prints on sale!!

I worked on another project that I can't share right now.  
It is for the person in my spreadsheet group that is going to win this month.  
It is very personalized and if she happens to see this post she will know what I have made.  
I will share it later, after April is over!  

Now, what have you been working on?  Please link up your projects.



Rebecca Grace said...

Your kitty fabrics are adorable!

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