Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WIPs With Friends

It's Wednesday again!  Time to haul out our WIPs and encourage the heck out of each other!
I have been working on sewing up some scraps into blocks to make a scrap vortex quilt.  
If you are interested to learn about this you can find out all about it on Crazy Mom Quilts blog. 
 It is like slab sewing but instead of using a monochromatic color scheme I am using all my colors!

I had sewn a lot of scraps into pairs and next up was to sew pairs together. 
I also found that as I sewed along I had to sew single pieces on to things to make "blocks".

 Here I laid out the pairs I had already sewn. 

As you can see even sewing what I did didn't even make a DENT in my scraps!

At one point Finny decided he wanted to help.

And by "help" I mean lay right in the middle of the sewn pairs and pile of scraps!!
What's up with cats and their always needing to be in the middle of things??

After a few hours of sewing this is what I have so far.  
Not too shabby for just "making slabs of fabric", eh?
I still need to make the "blocks" a little larger but will be working on that soon.

I have more scraps to sew but put them on hold as I really need to get working on the cat for the center of my traveling quilt.  
I made some progress on that but will show you tomorrow.
Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts.

So for now, if you want to show us what you are working on, please link up!



mtquilter said...

I sew want to start one of these scrap vortex quilts but I seem to be pulled away from my sewing room a lot these days. The scraps will still be waiting no matter when I get a chance to start it! Right now I'm working on an I Spy baby quilt, a paperless paper piecing collage of houses that is a monthly class, a wool project that is a Christmas gift, not to mention the monthly guild challenges. And if that wasn't enough I'm the coordinator for this year's guild National Teacher event and trunk show! That will take place the first weekend in May. When that is over I can breathe a sigh of relief! So what's one more UFO to add to the mix?? Have a great week! I'm off to spend the day driving my son to a doctor's appointment, 220 miles round trip. No wonder my projects languish at times. ;)

Lesley Gilbert said...

Nice choice of fabrics Finny - keep it up :)

Rebecca Grace said...

Your scrappy quilt is looking great, and I'm having Cat Envy. All the best quilters have feline assistants. However, my husband says he is not a cat person and I have two Rottweilers with really strong prey drive -- I think they are too old to adjust to a cat in the house but maybe someday...

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

What a great helper!

cocoya said...

Awesome block! Jack lives on! This should be a fun round robin. I did one last winter and we had a blast!


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