Monday, April 30, 2018

Productive Weekend

This past weekend I determined that I needed to get a lot of things I had promised, finished.  
Let me back up a minute though.   
On my way home from work on Friday I saw the neatest clouds.  
It looked like rain but in only a specific spot. 
 Take a look.

Friday night I started on this heart block for someone that requested them for charity.
 It is paper pieced and so somewhat time consuming, 
but I love the heart and wanted to try my hand at one.  
The request was for rainbow on either low volume white or black.  
I opted for white.

I had made and mailed my Bee blocks for April but somehow they got lost in the mail, so on Friday night I made a second set.

 On Saturday it was cold and rainy so I decided to sew.  
I usually clean on Saturdays but things were in pretty good shape so 
I decided to knock out as many "have to" projects as I could.  
I finished the whole heart!  It is so pretty!!  I used Moda dots for all the colorful fabrics.

Of course I had a kitty helper.

Next up was a set of cat faces for another charity donation.  
A woman I know from IG had her daughter pass away from the FLU.  
She was in kindergarden.  
That just broke my heart.  I can NOT even imagine what she and her family must be going through.  She wants to make a quilt for every child in her daughter's class to remind them all of Emma 
(who loved cats).  
So I made 2 cat faces to mail off to her on Saturday too.

I had to run after the mail truck to get these three things out in the mail on Saturday!  
Running, for me, is not a pretty sight, but I did it anyway and successfully sent all three out.

Then I saw this fabric sitting near the machine and decided I needed to make this chenille blanket.  
I had all the flannel set next to it so that got this out of the room! 
 I managed to get all the stitching on one side finished on Saturday.

It was night so the colors are not very true.  
I finished all the sewing, cutting, squaring up and binding.  
It is now ready for the wash. 
If you want to make a chenille blanket, go to my tutorial page for step-by-step directions.  
They are pretty easy and make GREAT baby gifts.

Sunday I finished the chenille, as I said above, then we went out to the farm for a visit.  
Hubby wanted to pick up his boat and take the cover off the camper. 
 I played with the birds. 
 Here is Orion, my daughter's purple peacock.  Isn't he gorgeous??

I couldn't get close enough to get a good shot of his eye feathers, 
but you can sort of see the centers are purple!  
He is a beauty for sure.

She also had LOTS of chicken and pea babies.  
The little black one closest to the dish is a Genetic Hackle chicken the other 3 are pea babies

They are super nosey even as babies.
  I'm not sure if you can see it but the peas all hatched very recently and 
still have their egg tooth on their beaks!!  
It's the little bump on the top of the beak.

There is not much cuter than the baby peas.  They have such BIG eyes.

Although, I have to say, Lenore is super unimpressed by it all.  
Just more NOISY birds in the house as far as she is concerned!  
She always looks grumpy but she is such a sweetie.  
She never stops purring the whole time I am there and she is super LOUD!

Sorry this was so LONG, but a lot was happening at my house.
I also started cutting out the green squares for my MSU quilt.
I have a lot more to cut but I'll get there, eventually.

How was your weekend?



Angie said...

Cool projects. The birds are awesome. My dad and me used to raise bobwhite quails, when he was alive. Birds are amazing!! The pic of the cat is super cute!! Have a great day!!

Ioleen said...

No need to be sorry, loved this post. The heart block is awesome ❤️❤️❤️ I sent two blocks for Emma’s plan. Such a sad thing.

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