Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mad Science Quilt (Pattern Tester edition)

Anyone on Instagram knows that they use an algorithm for viewing posts. 
 This means that you don't often see the posts as they are written. I find it super annoying!
Well, the other day I signed on and there was an amazing pattern by Quiltgenius (Mary Smith) 
for a Mad Science quilt.  
She had put out a call for pattern testers but with a VERY tight deadine 
(especially for me, since I would be camping).  
The entire time I was reading her post 
(wondering how old it was and if all the spots were already filled) I *knew* I should not volunteer.  Did that stop me?  Heck no.  
I am, apparently, a glutton for punishment.  
The entire time I kept saying, you know you don't have time, 
this is too much to add to an already full month, my hands were typing 
"sure I would be so happy to test this paper pieced pattern for you and give you an entire quilt top in under 2 weeks while I plan to be far from my stash for those 2 weeks". 

So Tuesday I took the day off my real science job and sewed like a fiend! 
 I sewed for 10 hours straight and got 3 of the 4 pp units done!!! 
 I found one mistake, but it was an easy correction.  I also gave some suggestions.  
Here is what I worked on for 10 hours straight.
The pattern is extremely well written and goes together like a dream though.
I'm just a slow paper piecer.

 This was part one.

Part 2

Part 3

Hallie kept me company the entire time!

So I sewed them all together and then went to dinner with a friend.

By the time I got home from dinner and conversation, it was almost 9pm.  
OK, I thought, I can get some of the components done for the 4th segment.  
I sewed one and started on another 
only to realize there was a problem with the assembly for that part.  
I took a photo and sent it to Mary and then decided I needed to go to bed (5am comes WAY to early).  I am hoping she will be able to fix that section and re-send so I can finish the whole top tonight.

PHEW!  I will be happy to get this finished but am so incredibly thrilled with how it is turning out!  
If you need this pattern, Mary will have it available soon.  
Part one is already in her Craftsy shop and you can buy it here.  
She has LOTS of great patterns in her shop too.  
There will be more parts to this pattern as well.  I'm hoping she lets me test more!



chrisknits said...

What a neat idea! My Chemist daughter would get a kick out of it.

Laura said...

Love this pattern. Not sure that I am up to the paper piecing. Yours looks wonderful.

Dots said...

Wow! You live on the edge! lol I was sweating, and it wasn't on my machine. It looks really cool, though. I could imagine Science teachers wanting this pattern. Even a mini for the classrooms. Great design.

Angie said...

How cool! Congratulations on a wonderful job on the piecing. This is so cute! I love anything science-y!! A DNA strand would be awesome, I haven't paper pieced yet. It's on the "one day" list to paper piece though. Have a wonderful day!

ironmom 2b said...

So bummed i can't find the pattern to buy

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