Wednesday, May 09, 2018

WIPs With Friends

This past week went wooshing by for me!  
Hubby took the fifth wheel out on Thursday for a trial camping run.  
He has it parked for 2 weeks at a campground about an hour from our house.  
I went there on Friday and stayed until Monday. 
 I brought the kittens up there to stay with him for the weeks. 
 I will go back and stay this coming weekend.  
This was also the trial run for seeing how my sewing machine set up would go.  
This is our camper, the tan one in the middle, from across the lake.

Hubby bought me a Gidget table by Arrow for Christmas (and the insert to go with it).  
So I had him set it up in the camper.  
He took out the dining table and put my table in there.  
That is fine as long as it is just the 2 of us, 
but I can see wanting the regular table in there to use as a cutting surface.  
It's a process.  

I started on my MSU quilt (thanks to everyone that sent me green fabrics). 
 I got 13 nine patches done.  
I still need to figure out how many of these I need to make 
but I did NOT even make a dent in the squares I cut out!  
I would have done more but my machine was making a weird noise and I need to take it in now.

This was my view from where I was sewing.  Pretty nice!

Finny thought it was just like at home and was "helping" with the sewing.  

Cole didn't "help" but he loves going on the island and fishing the sponge out of the sink. 
 I have no idea where he gets his sponge fetish from!
He also loves those spongy cat toys.

Finn found the table most comfy for a nap.

When I came home, Hallie was SO happy to have me all to herself!!!  
She does not like having to share me with the boys. 
She has been following me around, and staying wherever I am.  
Mostly in the sewing room (as seen here) or in bed.  
She snuggles up in bed and just purrs and purrs (and licks me constantly). 
She will be sad to see the boys return home!

So that's what I have been working on.
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What have YOU been doing?  
Please link up and share with us all!



mtquilter said...

We took our camper table out too and found a plastic height adjustable table to put in there. It works great to be able to take outside as an extra table. I basted a wall hanging outside on it while camping one year. I bet the other campers wondered what the heck that crazy woman was doing!
Our guild had Mary Lou Weidman in to teach a two day class last weekend. It was a lot of fun and so different from my usual type of piecing. If you are on Facebook you can friend her and see what we were up to. I was in charge of organizing the whole thing. Lots of work but so much fun!

chrisknits said...

I forgot to tell you in my package that some of the squares have been washed and some haven't. The batik and bright green tone on tone flower have not. The others have. Hope that doesn't mess you up! Love your camper!!! So wish we still had ours.

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