Friday, June 22, 2018

Adopt Don't Shop

Yesterday marked the one year mark of adding Finn and Cole to our family. 

 Remember these little babies?

They have grown quite a bit into handsome young men.  I can't imagine our lives without them.

This photo sums up how I feel.

We adopted them from the Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue in Belleville.  
The facility is amazing and they are always seeking homes for their cats and kittens. 
 If we weren't planning on traveling I would adopt at least one more, preferable a senior, 
but maybe upon our return.  

All you need is love and a cat!

Have a good weekend my friends.



Judy in Michigan said...

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Gail said...

It looks like Finn has a mane, but not on the top.

Calicojoan said...

Awww...such sweeties. We lost our fur baby a couple months ago. I'm heading to the shelter in the next few days to find a couple of new kitty's. So, excited!!!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Gorgeous! My kitty is adopted.

Gmama Jane said...

I feel the same way about children!! Adopting from Foster care is a much needed and better alternative!

Ioleen said...

Beautiful boys 😍😍😍😍and so big. Patches was adopted from the humane society and was a senior. Rudy was in a neighbour’s yard just about dead. We think his owners moved and just left him. We’ve had him a year now and he has doubled his weight and is a very loving cat.

Irina said...

Handsome !!!!

KaHolly said...

Sweet post! Gorgeous cats!

Susan said...

Look at the mane on Finn - impressive! Beautiful and well loved kitties!

Michele said...

So sweet. My daughter is dying to get another cat but hubs says No. Time will tell but I expect we'll have another fur baby at some point in the future.

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