Monday, June 25, 2018

Sewing With Cats

Before I talk about sewing with my cats I wanted to let you all know why 
I have not been responding to comments.  
I am reading them all but blogger is not sending me the comments. 
 I am working on resolving the issue but apparently I am not the only one experiencing this.  
I'm not sure why they changed this but it has been a pain.  I
 have tried all the suggested "fixes" but they have not fixed my issues, 
so just know that I am reading then and working on trying to fix this.

OK, on to sewing with cats.  
Over the weekend I was working on the pieces I wanted to make for the traveling quilt center.  
I have Paula's and her theme is "garden".  
I'll talk about that in another post.  
All of the pieces I wanted to make are paper pieced, 
so that requires a lot of concentration on my part.  
Cats on my sewing table, especially butted right up against my machine are not super helpful!

Cole usually behaves (when he isn't knocking things off the table) and lays on the "cat quilt". 
 I put this rag quilt on the table for Autumn and she would go and lay on it.  
Cole usually does the same.

Finny on the other hand can be seen helpfully holding down the flower I was trying to work on.  
Yes, Finny, we see you little catitude peeking through.

Then it begins.  Finn decides he wants to be by both me and Cole at the same time. 
 So he goes between Cole and my sewing machine.

After that the bathing/wrestling begins.

Finally everyone settles in.

Of course with Finn, it's in the most unhelpful position ever.  Can you see where my presser foot is?

You can see here that as I was feeding paper and fabric through my machine, 
it was hitting a "cat wall".  
Everything came out with cat hair on it.  Luckily it is easy enough to remove.

I think he got tired of me pushing him and he moved to another part of my sewing table.  
Of course right on the fabric I needed to make my fairy!

If you have a moment you may want to watch this video that shows 
my sewing situation of the weekend.  

I did manage to get a few pieces sewn.  
When hubby is home it's easier as Finn is usually with him wherever he is in the house.

How was your weekend?
Did you get any sewing done?

I have tons of yard work I really should be doing but, too much to sew!



Michele said...

I know what the "cat wall" is like as I have one here usually. What a big "help" they are. Not! LOL

mtquilter said...

Maybe not too helpful but oh, so cute! I don't have cats. But I do have a dog. For the most part she will lie on her pillow and nap while I sew, unless she thinks it's lunch time, lol!
I finally finished the eye spy baby quilt I've been working on. Yesterday I started recovering patio chair cushions. They aren't nearly as fun as quilting. Have a great week!

chrisknits said...

I guess I should be very happy my pups can't get on my sewing table!! LOL. But they are so cute.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sweet kitties!

AndreaMM said...

Found this linked by

Needled Mom said...

The fixes did not work for me either until I rebooted my computer. You might try that and see if that helps.

Shirley said...

They are such adorable cats! I have two feline sewing helpers also. My distraction strategy is a box that they love but it stays in the close except when I am sewing. Needless to say, it is usually occupied.

KaHolly said...

I’m remembering when I had a cat and how much she’d want to be right there while I was working. Gosh, I miss her!

Venaso Selections said...

Guys just sharing, I've found this interesting! Check it out!
5 most intelligent cats in the world

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