Thursday, April 18, 2019

Artemis P Fowl

My daughter raises peafowl.  
She currently has one of the pea hens in the house.  
Artemis P Fowl.  
She is a purple pea hen and she is very sweet.  
One of my favorite things is when she gets excited she hops with both feet around the house, 
like a bunny.  
It is adorable!

Well, my daughter decided that she wanted Artemis to become an artist.  
So using a non-toxic tempera paint, she set to work.  
She had a friend helping just in case the bird got out of hand and 
to take some photos of the work being done.

I thought I would share the first painting made by Artemis with you all.

You can even see her signature feather in the lower left corner.

She is considering selling paintings made by Artemis.  
Would you buy one?  



ckrut said...

So cute!

Patti said...

You are a braver then most moms I know. My granddaughter thought she wanted to raise turkeys. I was scared to death of them. Your daughters friend is very talented!!

Paula said...

I would love to purchase a painting!!!

Judy in Michigan said...

Maybe...I would like to see more. Get Artemis dancing!!

Angiegary said...

That is so cool. Just awesome and very creative! I think Artemis paintings will sell. Enjoy your day!! :-) :-)

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