Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Last weekend I think I had the Norovirus.  
We went to meet our new great nephew on Friday night, 
he is SO adorable and I will post more on that tomorrow.  
Saturday I spent the day with my SIL.  
I picked her up and we went to several quilt shops and out for lunch to celebrate her birthday.

We had such a great time!  I hope our journey made her day a little more special.  
Love ya, Mary!

I was not feeling very well on Saturday night, thinking I was coming down with a cold.
I only WISH it has been a cold!  
It was some form of nasty stomach bug.
I could not keep anything down for 3 days.
I did get a cold on top of it.
My hubby took this photo of me under that lump of covers with my boys keeping me company.

Cole was my constant companion during this whole thing.  
He even sat by my feet when I was in the bathroom.  
I haven't felt this bad in a very LONG time!

I am back to work today and had some real food.  
On the up side I lost 6 pounds!  
HAHA unfortunately I am sure it won't stay like that.  

I will have some quilty content to share tomorrow.
I just thought you all might wonder where I was.
I need to take some photos of what I bought and then I will share that too.



Linda said...

Heck of a way to loose weight, huh? Hope you're feeling better now. Kitties always know when we need them on the bed. :)

Unknown said...

Hope you continue on the road to wellness and thin-ness.

Lesley Gilbert said...

Good to know you've made a full recovery - loved the new baby and quilt family photo's :)

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