Thursday, April 04, 2019

Quick Update

Hi all!  
I have been sewing but not ready to share just yet.  
I did manage to finish the label on this baby quilt.
I got all the hand work done on the binding this past weekend too.
I will be able to share the whole quit very soon.

Another thing I worked on was one of the March (yes I am a little bit behind) blocks from the CDTC.
I LOVE how this block came out!

I am furiously working to get my portion of the traveling quilt done so I can send that along.  
I have the entire top portion pieced and attached to the quilt. 

Yesterday hubby had a medical procedure done so after I was done with that I had time to sew.
 I went to my sewing room around 2pm and after awhile, 
my hubby came upstairs to tell me it was 7pm! 
I completely lost 5 whole hours! 
 It was great. 
 I managed to get 2 of the 5 paper pieced blocks sewn.  
I need to add more background to one as I want to change the orientation of the critter.  
I'll show you when I get it all done.

I am hoping to have some time to sew tonight. 
 Tomorrow night and Saturday will be busy with non sewing related life.  

Have you had time to sew lately?  
I seem to be struggling to find time.



Unknown said...

Hi Pam, writing here in The Villages at our rental. Went to a village rec center the other day and there was a quilt group meeting/class. Check out this tute:

Barbara said...

Check out the bottom row of your block. It looks like you did the exact same thing I did. It's flipped upside down. I posted it to my blog and someone pointed it out to me. Love the fabrics you're using, and I like that block too. Very pretty.

Angie said...

Thanks for the update. Cool block! Enjoy your day! :-) :-)

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