Thursday, August 01, 2019

Thrift Shop Scores

I have not been doing much sewing of late (Insert sad face emoji here). 
I am furiously working on the wedding quilt but can't share that.  
Last night I was wanting to go visit the Sally Ann and see what they had that I might need.  
Of course, IRL, I don't *need* anything but you know what I mean right?

First I always check the appliances. 
I did see a little travel iron but I put it down.  
If I go back I may pick it up and see if it works.  
If it does it may need to come home with me.  
Then I go to the linens. 
 It is so hit or miss there. 
 Sometimes I can score GREAT dishtowels and sometimes not.  
Same with sheets.  
Well yesterday I scored BIG with the sheets!  
I found FIVE and they were amazing!! 
 Just look at those beauties!  
I can't wait to get back to making my charm packs of these.

Next is the "sheleves" area.  Dishes, baskets, knick knacks etc.  
I found this gorgeous Napcoware boy.  He is is perfect condition and just so adorable!

I usually go and look at the clothes last.  
It is always so overwhelming and I could spend HOURS looking at stuff.  
I try to focus on a few areas.  I really want to do shirts and tops but it is a HUGE undertaking. 
 I did find a cute shirt though ($3).  
On my way to the skirts the sleeves caught my attention. 
It was from the Loft and as it turns out, actually did fit me (it was a small so...).

I headed to the skirts next.  
I adore finding LuLaRoe skirts. 
 I seem to find the Azure and the Maxi most often.  
I can wear from a S to a L, so a pretty nice range. 
 I like the medium the best but some of them really vary in fit.  
I found the cutest black and white stripe skirt (no tags) that came home with me and also this maxi.

Aren't those colors so pretty?? 
 I'm not sure if I will keep this one or sell it but it is gorgeous!  
Size L if any of you are interested.  
Slinky fabric, so nice!

Last but not least, I have just started looking at PJs.  
This is where I scored big too.  
I got a beautiful pair of flannel Munki Munki PJs for a song!  
The pair I have at home is XL which is now much too big for me.  
These were M and are they ever nice.  
So soft and comfy and only $3!

I had seen the oddest piece of pottery, that my bestie collects.  
It was part of a larger set and I didn't really want to spend the money so I left it. 
 I told her and we are going to go there today. 
 I hope it is still there!

I am off tomorrow after working four 10+ hour days.  
Looking forward to that.
Hubby leaves for Canada again on Sunday so I have a week alone.
THIS time I will make better use of my time.
(no more binge watching Veronica Mars!!)
Which BTW if you have not done you should

So have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back next week.



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