Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Canada Quilt Top Progress

 I finally got the top all put together but was not happy with how wide vs long it was.
  I was not sure I had enough background fabric to make it the way I wanted it to finish so I took a photo of it as is, so to speak. 
 It was ok, the way it was but I was still not happy with it.

I thought I would add some maple leaves to the top and bottom.
  I had to piece the background but I was thinking I would have enough.  So I added them.

I was still not happy.  
I didn't like the leaves going all the way to the edge.
So I added one more border of the background.

There we go!  NOW I am happy with how it is finished!
I am thinking about how I want to have it quilted and here is what I am thinking.

Woodgrain in the mail part, like the animals are looking through the trees.
I had the baby bear quilt done with that pattern and I loved it.
Then a line of loons on the top and bottom first border, the plain one.
I think I would love the Word Canada in the top and bottom Maple leaf borders, possibly surrounded by maple leaves to make the block letters of Canada stand out.
I might need s micro stipple though or something small to make the word stand out.

I may have her quilt maple leaves into the small plain side borders too.
I am hoping my friend can execute what I see as a plan for this quilt.

I will have to talk to her once we get home.  I am hoping that she can have it done for Christmas.
I would really love to be able to gift it to my husband for Christmas.

I have 3 projects left but realized that I have no background fabric for one of them.
That is the halloween one I really wanted to start next.  
May have to see if I can find an open quilt shop near by.
Or maybe just order it online and have it delivered.
What would you do?

The other one is a Christmas quilt and I could work on that.
The last one is a case for my Oliso mini iron.
I'm always nervous about making 3D things but maybe that will be the next one.

If it were you which one would you start on next?
2-Iron case



barbara woods said...

I always hate to pay for shipping when I could use that money for more fabric even thou my hubby says I have more fabric than Walmart

Jenny said...

So much better to go on to Plan B when you are not happy at first. Looking good!

Betty C said...

OH! That looks great.

Bettina Groh said...

go look for a quilt shop and then go cuddle Avery

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The Canada quilt is GORGEOUS! You're SEW clever!! I would work on the projects in the order, if it were me: 3, 1 and 2. I'm betting that you can find fabric there for your Halloween background.

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