Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Quilty Stars

 I started on a new quilt.  
My friend Mel, spurred me on.  
She and I like to choose a quilt and then both make one.
  She is in Colorado and I am in Michigan, but it is fun to "work together" from a distance.  
Since this is one I was planning on making for a wedding gift
 it seemed like a great plan to get a jump on it. 
 I have a few others I "need" to do but this is the only wedding one I have for 2021 (so far) 
and no new baby quilts. 
I have one more family quilt to make and am still deciding on a pattern.
 I feel like once this one is done I may have a little breathing room to finish up some WIPs and maybe even begin something I actually want to do just because!

Have you seen the Quilty Stars pattern? 
 It is so cute.  
Of course you ^know^ the colors I have to use right?? 
 Gray and white.  
This is the center and then there are HST to make the star points.
I have those all sewn and trimmed.

This one was "helping" me trim my HST
I had to keep moving his back legs to turn the mat.

He was SOOOOOOO tired after all his helping!

I am excited to get time to work on this soon. 
 My other friend Traci has a shop and sent me a baby quilt to make for her shop. 
 I have all of the blocks finished.
I cut something incorrectly so am waiting for a bit more fabric.




BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the kitty photos!

Ioleen said...

We are very lucky that they work for treats or we would be in the poor house, lol

Michele said...

Love your "helper"!

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