Monday, April 26, 2021

Hiking the Haw

Last week we went for a 4 mile hike along the Haw river.  
We saw TONS of turtles. 
 I think most of my photos were of turtles!! 
 The best find was a swamp lily growing directly in the middle of our path. 
 Someone hiking from the opposite direction we were going told us to keep going and we would see it.  So we continued our hike to the lily and then headed back.
  I will share some of my favorite photos here.

I was totally fascinated by all the turtles!

I've only ever seen these flowers in yellow!

I was taking turtle pics when I looked up and these white flowers were all over a bush in front of me!

This is the swamp lily we found right in the center of the path!

Not sure what this flower was but it was so sweet.

I caught this Cormorant as he was taking off.  Lucky shot!

It took a few tries to get my camera to focus on this spider web.

Love shooting directly down on plants like these.

I took so many pictures of the turtles, but there were so many in so many cool spots!
I hope you enjoyed our hike photos.



Bettina Groh said...

nice place for a hike!! Loved the turtles!!

kestrel said...

Joined you in your hike through the pictures. Hiking is my hobby to but mine are mostly in forests where it is much cooler. We have to start our hikes by 7am before the sun gets too hot. Like the pretty flowers especially the white ones. We have turtles turning up only from the sea

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