Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cats and Quilts

It seems like they are a natural combination. I happened to be on my computer looking for some other quilt pics and I found these of some of our cats. The first one is our cat Aiden. She belongs to my oldest daughter, Shelby.

In the next one, I was finishing up a Noah's arc that I designed around a panel for friends of ours that had twins and I had them draped all around. The pink and purple one was a graduation quilt I made for a friend of my other daughter's. In this pic Aiden and Mosen and my son, Thadd are all in the quilt "tent" and have appeared to have fallen victim to a "nap zone". You all know the place. You start petting the cat(s) innocently and then, WHAM, you are fast asleep. Well, my friend, you are in the cat's "nap zone". I believe they could take over the world if they could organize. Hmmm...maybe we should send cats to Iraq, we could use some of the Iraquies to fall into a nap zone...

The next pic is a close up of Mosen. Isn't he so sweet? He is napping on a flannel rag quilt I made for my dad for Christmas 2 years ago.

The last one is of Autumn, one of our 2 calico cats. The other one is Halloween, or Hallie for short. Then we have Captain Jack. I will have to snap some pics of him to post too.

I am working on a quilt for my son at the moment. He is a huge University of Texas fan so I found some UT fabric and finally settled on a design but I altered it, of course, so it works better for what I had in mind. I have all the squares sewn, but I need to blanket stitch around the applique before I can assemble it. I will try to get pics of the blocks and post them so you can see the progress.

I just wanted to get something new on this page so you didn't think I had forgotten. It has been a busy week and will be a busy weekend. I have to work tomorrow (every day actually) then the women at my work are having a Henna party. I am still deciding if I want to go. We have a lacrosse game for Thadd on Sat in the am and then Kelsey has her university swimming banquet on Sun at. She earned her varsity letter as a freshman at Michigan State University! The best part about the weekend is that I will *finally* be able to give the anniversary quilt to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as they are in the same city as my daughter.

Have a good evening and let me know what you think of the kitties!!


The Calico Cat said...

Cute kitties!

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