Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Big Ten Quilt

I am finally catching up with all my pictures!! Last Saturday a small group of women got together at my friend Robin's house to work on the Big Ten quilt top for the pathology raffle. Our goal was to have multiple people help and to finish the top so we could send it home with Liz to quilt. Robin is the woman in charge of the quilt raffle for the University of Michigan (money to benefit patients in need). She and I have been gathering fabric all year toward this end. In theory this sounds like an easy task but in reality it is made more difficult by the fact that several schools don't license their logos for fabric. We had to use scrub pants for Northwestern and Indiana. I found someone selling Ohio State fabric on ebay but the logo was very large so for the actual "Big Ten" block, where I appliqued all the school logos on, we needed a smaller "O" we used boxer short fabric. Penn State also no longer has fabric. So if any of you ever see fabric with any of those schools logos on them please let me know, as we plan to make a Big Ten quilt every year for the raffle. We made one last year but we all made a block and then we gave them to a woman that put the whole thing together. This year we decided to make it like a retreat day. Robin graciously opened her home to all of us. We had great food and great conversation.

Robin hung the top from her second floor balcony so it is a little "light" b/c the sun was coming through the window behind it. At least you can see it.

Here are some close ups of some of the blocks.

I love how this block turned out with the large O's around the appliqued center.

You can see the "cat" in the center of the N. My talented LAQ, Liz is also a talented machine embroiderer and did the cat and then I appliqued the N around the cat.

I like the Illinois block too. Again, Liz embroidered over my appliqued I

I would have taken more, but I wanted them front on and they were too high up for that, so I will post them all once Liz brings it back quilted. Robin and I designed the quilting and now Liz, the amazing, will get to make our vision come to life in the quilt. Here is a photo of some of the women that were there. From left to right Virginia, Robin, Liz (the LAQ), and Judith.

This is the "Boob Line", hahahahaha!!! We were a little punchy at this point!

I am interested as to what you all think of this quilt.


The Calico Cat said...

I like it. I think that it should generate a lot of interest because it is more than just a "fillintheblank" school quilt.

Mel said...

Loving the quilts. I am making one for my son for his fraternity. You have given me alot of ideas.

Jeanne said...

Terrific! It should make someone very happy. I wish I had some of the more difficult to find fabrics. Do you check at periodically? They are always getting new ones. I'll keep my eyes open for you at sales.

sophie said...

I love it . . . and not just because I grew up in the shadow of one Big-10 school and attended another ;-)

I predict a bidding war for this quilt.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

It's fantastic! Go Boilers!!

Saska said...

I think it's great! I agree with sophie..I think a lot of other's will want it too.

atet said...

I think it's fantastic -- for a fan of any of the schools or of the Big 10 in general! If you need a good source for some of the fabrics, try here:

Karen usually carries multiple schools -- and you could ask if she can find others!

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