Monday, October 01, 2007

Pansy Quilt

I am happy to report that the Pansy quilt is not only finished but given to the recepient! If you remember, one of the ladies in our quilt group had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The course of treatment was a complete hysterectomy, which they did, and the pathology report came back with NO cancer in any part and none in her lymph nodes!! She is young and has a 10 year old son so this is great news for her and her family.
These are a few of the individual pansys that were on the quilt.

Here is the whole quilt. Isn't it spectacular??

You can see the recepient peeking over the quilt in the upper left corner.

These show Liz's mad skills with her LA machine!! She is a wonder!!

This last one is the label. I fused the pansy's and then sewed the label to the quilt (forgetting, of course to stitch down the fusing! So I had to do it after it was on the quilt)

I have been battling this awful cold all weekend, but I am finally beginning to feel better. I cleaned up the sewing/living room this weekend and I did manage to get 18 of my pumpkins blanket stitched around, and the embroidered animal quilt (you saw the squares in the last post) top finished. I brought the top and the rest of it today to work to give to the Amazing Liz to work her magic on = )

I found out last night that DD1 is planning on coming home and wants me to throw a Halloween Party for her and her friends (and my friends too). She is a little lonely in IN. I LOVE Halloween but really didn't want to have to put all the sewing away and decorate. I guess it just means I will have to work really hard over the next 2 weeks to finish a LOT of stuff so I can put it all away. Once it is all picked up and Halloween is over, it quickly rolls into Thanksgiving and Christmas and since we host both at our home, it may just stay packed up until after Christmas (which means all Christmas stuff needs to be done too). Maybe I can take it out for the first two weeks of November too, shhhh, don't tell.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilt is beautiful, I'm sure she was thrilled to pieces with this lovely expression of kindness. Happy news that the cancer is gone! Oh, yeah-- you're right when you say that we're on the fast track to the holidays when October is here! Arrrgghh!

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, that pansy quilt is indeed spectacular! What a wonderful thing to do for a friend. Praise that the outcome was so wonderful!

Faith said...

I love the pansy quilt it is really pretty and love all the colour combinations, did you hand applique the pansies or did you do it all by machine?

Jeanne said...

The pansy quilt is gorgeous! What a nice thing to do for her. And great news about finding no more cancer.
Now, how can we slow down the calendar a bit.......

Anonymous said...

Not related to your site but a query I think you rose on Cathi's site about how to subscribe to blogs. You should have an orange icon (mine is on the tool bar right side of screen, yours may vary!)that looks like a dot and two archs to the upper right side of it, if you press this it enables you to subscribe. To see your subscribed blogs it is the 'yellow star' icon ( left side of same toolbar, again yours may vary).

I hope it was you who rose this question, if not my apologies you will not know what I am on about!

sophie said...

Wow! The border fabric is absolutely perfect for the quilt, too. What a beautiful and throughtful gift for your friend.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

WHAT a FABulous quilt! WoW!
congrats on a wonderful accomplishment!

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