Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Halloween Quilt

I finally finished my Jack-O-Lantern wall hanging. I began it over a year ago and got the top done in a timely fashion then I gave it to Liz to quilt for me. I told her no hurry and then proceeded to bomb her with a ton of other stuff. I think we both forgot about it for many months (Halloween was sooo far away). She got it back to me probably 2 months ago but I have been so busy with other projects that I sewed the binding on but just didn't get around to turning it. I had a little wake up call when I realized that it *is* October and Halloween is right around the corner! I usually go all out decorating for this holiday as it is one of my favorites! My DD1 wants me to have a Halloween party this year. Our Halloween parties in past years have been well attended and a lot of fun. (People are still talking about the one from 2 years ago). I didn't have one last year and everyone was disappointed. It necessitates cleaning up the living room of all sewing related "stuff" and I still have a lot to do before I can do that. So I told her I will try. I really need to get my pumpkins done so I can post them for the swap and then I can fold up until after Halloween. If I can get them done this weekend, I will have the party. I digress...Here is the wall hanging in all it's Halloweeny glory. I love it!!
I hung it in my little bathroom and went to take the photo but I can't get far enough away so this is a little skewed, but I think you can tell what it looks like.

These are close ups of all the J-O-L's.

This shows the 2 different ways Liz did the quilting around the J-O-L's. she also outlined each cut out. Notice the blanket stitching around each J-O-L? It is glow in the dark thread!

I realized that you can't see the borders and I absoloutely LOVE 2 of the border fabrics so I am showing you some of the close ups. One of the batiks looks like eyes and the other one I love is the one with all the wild spirals. What do you think of the spider web batik I got for the inner border? I also used that for the back.


Faith said...

oooooh I love it....cor what a fabulous design and I love the fabrics, EVERYONE will be talking about this for many years to come, Im even tempted to have ago myself at something like this... this is so yummy...

Laurie Ann said...

Those "jacks" are just awesome. Was that your pattern? Love it with the battiks and the web pattern is just perfect!

Love the new sleeping picture of Jack!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh my gosh... what an awesome quilt. I love the light and dark and the shadows, colors, expressions. It's so wonderful.

Katie said...

Thoses Jacks are oh so neat. Where'd you get the pattern and idea? Each has such personality.

Mel said...

Love your Jack O Lantern quilt, especially the spider web border.

Joanna said...

Oh yes, these are gorgeous! I really love the batiks you used and thank you for doing the close-ups - I love to see the quilting and the details you don't see in regular photos! You are a girl after my own heart!

atet said...

Oh my -- I've seen this pattern and thought about doing it -- but, oh, the fabrics you used! They're fantastic!!!!!

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