Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hallwoween Party 07

Halloween Party 07

Oh, this might not sound like a big deal ...but around my house it is HUGE! DD1 is coming in from IN and wanted me to host a Halloween Party. Every year for many, many years we have hosted HP's. The kids from all around know about ours and I think the largest group we ever had was DD2's sr year with probably over 100 kids. I had my work people here in the afternoon, followed by my friends and then all the kids. We decorate like most people do for Christmas. There is a lot of spooky food!

So I have to pick up the sewing room. Which, you would think, would not be that difficult to do. Ahhh...but it takes a lot of time to put the LR back to "normal". Then there is the planning and the shopping. And the making of the food. I did the decorating yesterday with just a few things left to do in that department. I am finishing up the last little bit of, not really cleaning, but putting away. Today I will go and get some mums to put around the front porch and then to the grocery store.

I did manage to sew down the binding on the gigantic U of M quilt and label it. I also got the binding sewn down on "Sunny Days" which is the quilt using the embroidered animals that Liz did and that I designed a quilt around. I also got that one labeled. Just before I put everything away, I made the binding for the Crazy Rail quilt, finished the cat quilt, made the binding and label for that, and finished all 42 pumpkins for the swap.

I will post pictures of the decorations and the quilts later when I get some time, maybe tonight. What will you do for Halloween?


atet said...

Ok, so like your cleaning has been WAYYYY more productive than mine. I haven't even dug out my decorations (I have three boxes of them for Halloween but, um, guess those need to come out like soon hunh?). Ugh -- I think I need to get moving!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Halloween? Is it soon? ;)

Jeanne said...

You have been very, very busy. The party sounds like a lot of fun. Hope everything goes well. What's on the menu?

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