Monday, October 15, 2007

Cats N Stuff

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was pretty productive. I got home from work early on friday so I finished my crazy rail quilt top. I will try to get a photo today before Liz comes to get it. I went to East Lansing with my Dh to pick up DD2. We went out to dinner with her and her boyfriend and we had a really good time. Sat was LOTS os shopping. DS needed a shirt and tie for his homecoming dance that night so he went and picked them out and I had DD go and purchase them while I went with my DF Charlotte to a quilt shop. I got the cutest ghost fabric! I will try to remember to get a photo and post it tomorrow.

I then went to the mall with DD, and to Sam's club and then to the grocery store. I was exhausted, but i worked on some of my swap pumpkins. When I got up on Sun am I took a quick picture of my pink Morning Glories for Jeanne at Luv2stitch. For some reason the frost seems to have killed the purple ones. They sure are beautiful at the height of summer!

I was sitting on my couch in the FR with an old quilt (a cat quilt) over me and guess who decided to join in on some quilt action...that's right, Jack. I got up to go and do something and he stayed where he was napping so I took a few pictures. He is so sweet!

On Sun am he decided to help me get my batting ready to send to Liz with my quilt.

Then last night when I stepped away from the pumpkins again, Aiden decided my sewing bag was the puuurrrrfect head rest while she napped on the couch. Oh to lead the life of a cat!


The Calico Cat said...

Awwww, have you shown that "whole quilt?" I love those sleepy kitty pictures.

Faith said...

I love the pictures they are great.

Jeanne said...

I love your pink morning glories! Will definitely try to plant some next spring. And the kitty pictures are so cute. That Jack is all tucked in for a long night's sleep.

Sabine said...

Mmm, Jack looks like a quite relaxed cat... I think it's incredible how my cats prefer to sleep on my work, whatever it is, a quilt, a knitwork, my laundry... I guess cats are the same all over the world!

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