Thursday, August 28, 2008

WIP's and other fun stuff

So you want to know what I've been up to huh?  First off my arm is healing.  I can now expose it to the air without running around screaming because it hurts!  I have the bandage off and it is scabbed over, hurrah!!  Still really red and tight and now itchy and just a little bit painful so point of the story...I'm healing.

I had seen this cute little needle case over here and thought it looked like something I would like to try.  I need some little gifts for some quilty friends this year and I also thought it might be nice for our Christmas Craft sale at the church and maybe, if I thought it was easy enough, I might make some as thank yous for the people that donate quilts to our raffle at the U of M.

The orange fabric is left over from the cushions I made for my wicker outdoor furniture.  I have 3 other colors too.  I didn't know what I was going to do with the scraps so thought I would try using them with this (it is home dec fabric)  I used the HD on the outside and regular cotton on the inside.  I wanted to share it with the CL's so thought I should try to make one before I brought it to the meeting on Tues evening.  I was finished, seriously, in 15 minutes.  Cutting and sewing.  It was THAT easy!  I have not put a closure on it yet.  The pattern calls for a snap and then a button sewn over it (way too much work for me!)  I will do velcro.  

I used a wool felt for the inside part.  Never mind I was in a hurry and didn't pin it so it is not centered, (tell me you didn't notice before I pointed it out?)  I have decided to cut some out and use them as leaders and enders while working on my FS quilt (of which I now have 62 of like 121 blocks finished).  Clever, huh?  LTW gave me back some batting that I can use so I don't have to cut up big pieces so I am recycling too.  Wow you should be amazed now, lol!!!  We quilters are good at multi-tasking aren't we?
Remember this little quilt?  It is one of my 2 orphan stars.  I used the left overs from the M string quilt and had enough to make 2 of these.  This one is the one going to the Christmas Craft sale and the other one is going to the U of M art auction (once it is finished).  LTW did an overall panto on the blue but "cut out" the star using her new toy.  Then she programed in the quilting for the star.  Pretty cool huh?  Give it up for LTW.  She now has like a gazillion new patterns which she needs to get right on giving to me to post on my side bar for others to choose from!  C'mon now Liz, get right on that!!
I have no concrete plans for the weekend, how about you guys?  I may end up in Grand Rapids visiting the storage facility and then in E Lansing visiting DD2 and back to GR and then home, but other than that, nothin'!  

We are looking for another car for DS, oh that's been fun (just pith me and put me out of my misery!)  I think the choice has been narrowed down to a 01-02 Mustang.  Could the boys work on it together and leave me out of the *fun*, oh heck no!  "Mom, will you call and see what insurance will be?"  "Why can't dad do it?"  "Because he doesn't know what to ask."  "Mom, can you call about a loan?"  "Why can't dad do it?"  "Because you know how better than he does."  Mind you he is at home all week while I am at work.  But who's complaining.  I got the info now maybe the 2 of them can go and take care of actually choosing a car without me!  Do you think that will happen?  I  seriously doubt it!  *sigh*. 

My friend, Maryann from Very Mary Designs, emailed me and told me she made something neat from the old magazines I sent her and she is sending me one.  Apparently with some other goodies.  YEAH!!  I love surprises!!!  What a sweetie she is.

Keep in touch and thanks for stopping by!!


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's never easy when you are skilled and indispensable! I am glad you are healing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

LTW is living up to her name! Thank goodness you're finally healing.

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