Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quilting with the CL's

I had quilting with the CL's last night and they were so good to me, as always!  I was looking for a red and white dot to use for the binding on the Chubby Chicks quilt and Ruth Ann was going out so since she wasn't sure which size I wanted she bought 3 different sizes!!  I love them.  The one I had in my minds eye was the one on the top, the Minnie Mouse one.  Won't that be cute??
Then Charlotte is making these adorable scissor holders.  I bought 2 for Christmas gifts but will most likely buy more for some additional presents.  We will be selling these at the Christmas Sale at the church in December.  They have 3 pockets so you have a place for your large, and small scissors and then a place for a small ruler.  
Charlotte also found this fabric and thought of me, so she bought me a half a yard and gave it to me just because she likes me!  Wow, I am so blessed to have such wonderful, generous friends 
= )
In case you all forgot what the blocks for Karen and Cory's Anniversary block look like here is one of the 20 I have finished so far, only 22 more to do!!
I took some photos of the fabrics I bought yesterday for the BTQ and will post those tomorrow with a photo of the 5 yard quilt top that LTW has made for an example.  TTFN!!


jacquie said...

polka dot heaven!!! i love them all, but the top one is my fav....every quilt needs a touch of polka dots.

Pat said...

Nice fabrics and CUTE scissor holders. Can your friend provide a tutorial for hot to make them for those of us who live too far away to benefit from your sale of them???

Faith said...

I love the fabrics and the block really pretty and delicate

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Minnie Mouse is what came to mind before I even read the text, the scissor holders are wonderful!

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