Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sparkle Bear Quilt

Sparkle Bear, the quilt, is complete.  I only need to put my stamp on the label and it will be all finished.  I think it turned out so cute!

I love this pattern.  It's called the Five Yard Quilt Pattern.
LTW quilted varigated pastel snowflakes all over it.  Kind of like the Aurora Borealis (not sure if that's spelled correctly!)
You can really see the quilting here.
Many of you know the story behind my name, Mama Spark.  My DD's friends call her Sparkle so I am mama of Sparkle aka Mama Spark.  This quilt was made for my neighbor that is like another mum to my DD1.  We moved in across from them when DD1 was 18 months old.  We have 2 girls and they have 2 boys and they are all the same age, then we had another boy, but that's another story!  So the kids all grew up together and are still good friends.  But my friend and my DD1 have bonded.  My friend, Marcia, just loves Polar Bears.  She is mama bear to my DD's baby bear.  This is where the Polar Bear fabric came in.  I saw it and thought it would be the perfect thing to make a table runner out of...until DD saw it and said, "I'm sure she would much rather have a quilt".  Well, duh...who wouldn't?  So I found one of the easiest and quickest patterns I have and made this in about 8 hours, from cutting to piecing the back.  You gotta love that!
I am happy with how it turned out.  I am thinking about waiting to give it to her very close to Christmas.  Why you ask?  Because we do not normally exchange gifts and I don't want her to feel obligated to get something for me.  I did this because I wanted to not to get anything back.

So that being said...I have sent out some packages to several of you for Christmas too.  Please do NOT feel obligated in any way to reciprocate.  I did it because I wanted to, because I found things I thought you would like and that would make you have a happy day.  Please enjoy them in the spirit that I have given them.  (But let me know when you receive them)  Now, Annemiek, no harassing the post man!!

On another note, I got Amy's quilt back from LTW today and it is AMAZING!!!  The Bestest quilt yet.  I am considering doing something different with it and making the same quilt again to give to Amy closer to her college graduation.  Oh, never fear, I am not going to keep it, it will just go to someone else.  I can't tell you who as that person reads this blog occasionally.  

Have a great day and keep stalking the postman!  I will post pictures of the new quilt soon!


Anonymous said...

oke, no harassing, just stalking, but I AM all excited!
Like the bearquilt btw. Nice label too:)
And now: make something nice and quilty for yourself!

Faith said...

oh this is lovely I so love the snowflake design and the polar bear what did you use for your label? did you use a special pen?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I LOVE this... it's completely and totally fantastical in every way! Well done. You are just the bestest friend and neighbor, too; as Marcia will soon find out!

jacquie said...

how pretty and how fun to find out about the origin of mama spark. love that! i really like how you did your label.

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely quilt, you must be so pleased and I am sure your friend will be so thrilled and suprised, you are a sweet friend indeed!

Holly said...

Love the colors together, the fabrics, pattern, and especially the story that goes with it. Wonderful all.

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