Monday, June 15, 2009

Fabric Samples

Many of you (Annemiek) were not happy not seeing *ALL* of the fabric sample cards that I purchased. So for those of you that really, really want to see here ya go. First up are three by Prints Charming. I just really love their fabrics. Now remember most of these are smaller than a FQ. In fact some are very small (like 2 X 6 inches or so)


Next up are these cute aliens. I thought of this for use in an I spy type of quilt. Not much fabric but enough to get a few aliens from.
I really loved this Christmas print. Especially the ones with the crazy striped flowers. They had whole bolts of this but I didn't really feel I needed a whole bolt! So I settled for the fabric samples.
Next up is some fabric for DD2's "Save the planet" quilt.

These will go in the "Save the planet" quilt too. Remember the fabric with the tree names on it? I thought this with plant names would fit in quite nicely also.

A family tree...

Parakeets for a future I spy (plus one looks like the bird we used to have, U.B. short for usless bird) Did I ever tell you the story of UB? I don't think I have. One day when the DD's were quite young they came home and asked me, "If we can catch a bird can we keep it"? I should never have answered "sure" because they did! Now Parakeets are not native in the US so it had to be someone's bird that had escaped. They sure did manage to catch it and he lived with us for quite awhile!
More spacemen and rockets and planets. Possibly enough for a small baby quilt if I put other fabrics with it. Very cute!
OK, so there you have it. That's what I bought at the warehouse. for those of you that asked, the only way to shop with them is if you have a tax ID number, like if you own a business. This is why I went with LTW and why I could tell my other friend Cori to get set up to shop there too. If you have a business (or tax ID number) and want more information just please email me.


Crispy said...

Those sample card fabrics are really neat. Even if you get just a small piece, each one can be usable. Someone should market them for appliquers.


Allie said...

I adore Prints Charming. And I love the parakeets, and how wonderful the save the planet fabrics will be! The family tree is an excellent idea. Had to chuckle at U.B.'s name.....maybe we should've named our cat U.C.

Gina said...

great fabrics

love and hugs Gina xxx

Pat said...

What a wonderful collection of fabric you were able to find! You will have a ton of fun sewing with it :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I actually missed this post! I like them all but my favourites are the first 2. (Perhaps you could make some pretty pretty pincushions out of those swatches. Someone told me that you might need some to replace a catnip.)
Seriously, they're really great and thanks for posting them:)

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Pam, I would love some information please, as I have a business and a Tax ID number. Thanks!!

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