Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Time!!

The house was ready. This is what you saw as you walked up to my front door.
The gardens were blooming (I took the clothes hanger down)
The photo boards were made and the cake was waiting.
Grad PosterThe Cake
All we needed were the guests! We had a tent in the back yard next to our gazebo and we had a beautiful day.
Grad PartyGrad Party
The one in the orange is my DS. First shown here with my dad. He is an amazing guy. He is almost 83 years old and drove 2 hours with my handicapped sister just to be here for the party. He doesn't like to miss home cooked food you know? The next one is my DS with my DH's folks. He's going to be 75 in September. It was a wonderful day with lots of family and friends.
Gmpa Olson and ThaddThadd and Gma and Gpa Lincoln
Here is my DD2 with our newest Niece, Evelyn ( baby basket quilt girl). Even DD's lillies put on quite a show for the event.
Kelsey and EvelynDSCF4416
I didn't take too many photos as I was so busy with food and visiting. We could not have asked for a nicer day or a better turn out! The last guest left around 11:00pm. We kept our old babysitter's 3 girls overnight and that was fun too. It was great to have littles around once again, but exhausting! Yesterday we just sat around. Of course we had a little clean up but not too much as the mom of the 3 and DD did most of it that night. Thanks Lisa and Kelsey! I love you guys!!

The neighbors had their party in the same tent on Sunday so that was nice too. We just opened the door and went to the party!

Funny story about Laxy (our dog). We sent her to the neighbor's house for the day as most of you already know, she loves to bolt if she gets outside without a lead. So the neighbor went out of her yard and the dog got out. Where did she go? Our front porch! We got her back into their yard and a little while later she jumped their 5ft fence to come home! too much going on in "her" yard! Well, she was exhausted yesterday too!!


Gina said...

What great photos from a great party

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Crispy said...

Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time and how nice that Mother Nature was at her best.

Too funny about your party dog LOL.


Allie said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL party!!! Your garden looks awesome. Your dad does NOT look like he's 80 - there must be a mistake on his birth cert. Poor Laxy, she just wanted to party too, lol!


Food was there food there???
I loved meeting your friends.
Wish I could have met your son.

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