Monday, June 01, 2009

The Weekend

My weekend was such a mixture of "stuff" but no actual sewing was done! I did decide that if the boy is indeed going to graduate I need to get on sending out the announcements but I didn't want to do that until I had the party invites ready to send at the same time. So I went to my trusty computer and went to Sam's Club and they had 3 design choices all I had to do was drop in the photos and write the words. I was able to go and pick them up in an hour too!! I got 50 invites and envelopes for $15!! I was pretty thrilled with that. I couldn't print them on nice quality photo paper and buy envelopes for that price. I love how they turned out too.

Then, remember that I won a honey bun from the Quilt Shoppe? NO? Well I did and it arrived on Saturday along with the little key holder and the tissue cover. Cute huh? Now I just need to figure out what to make from the Crazy Eights HB!
Well, let me back up. I went over to my friend Cori's house on Friday to pick up some fabric from her. I wanted a jelly roll of Swanky so I could use it for border and binding (I figured you all know about that so no pic) I bought some Sorbet Peacock and blueberry swirl (again no pic). Isn't this just adorable? I had no intention of buying this but...
On Saturday I went to JAF. You know I just could not resist using my gift card for some retail therapy, right? I was able to get the bird fabric I was telling you about. I also found this adorable mushroom fabric. I am in love with the birds though and can see an applique quilt with birds and this fabric in my future. I also got a few things to go with these two prints but they were not that exciting so I did not take any pictures. If you want to see them I can take pictures tonight so let me know.

I feel like I have been through the war as I also managed to finish planting my flowers, spread some mulch and take out 2 bushes. I had to dig out the stump and that was so difficule. It was DD1's 24th birthday so we ended up going clothes shopping for her too. Then to Lowes for a new patio umbrella and I made DH and DS go with me to the funeral home last night. My friend (from lacrosse) her FIL went into hospice on Tues. He passed away on Friday morning so we needed to go and support the family. I think they were glad that we took the time to go. I am now at work (resting, but don't tell anyone!)

I got to talk to DD2 last night, she comes home on Friday niht. DD1 felt compelled to tell her sister that her Beta (fish) that she has had for the last 3 years died last week. (It did? Why did I not realize this??) So she was really upset, thanks DD1! You couldn't have waited until she got home? Now it is somehow my fault that the fish is dead. I really did feed it every day, I told her to look on the bright side, her rats are still alive! I love those little guys! I feel bad that she left me in charge of the fish and it died. If DD1 had had enough sense to keep her mouth shut we could have bought another one and she would never have known! Dummy.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

My weekend was much like yours, spreading mulch, digging out shrubs, spreading top soil, planting flowers, sewing.
No graduation kids are too old and that makes me old and do I feel it today. The graduation invites look great.

I've got a pattern that uses one honey bun and one charm pack along with 3 yards background. I'll bring it on Wed night to CHQ.

I have to email Cori.....had an idea for DDIL's birthday.

I have to get some sewing done today. I'm going to have to piece my outer border on the 5 yard challenge quilt. Connecting Threads doesn't have any more of the green.
See you Wed night.


MichelleB said...

I love the bird fabric! I'll need to be on the look out for it.

I think for a Beta to live 3 years is a long time! Look it up and tell her how great you were to keep it alive that long.

Allie said...

I have to remember that about Sam's club. Looks like my oldest will graduate sometime next fall.
Is that the bird fabric? I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what you do with that.
So sorry about the fish - can't believe it lived so long, though! Wow.
My weekend pales in comparison to yours that's for sure!

Faith said...

Kids eh what can you do with them and naughty dogs lol Jim's dog that is!! oh I love the peacock fabrics and the moda rolls. The invitations are nice, you got those done are a very good price there as printing on your own paper ect costs so much

Anne said...

I love the fabrics. Too cute!! I still have not made it to the new JAF in GR. Very nice invites. Glad the hear about the Pledge, I need to get it for my son he has two dogs. Hope you have a wonderful graduation and celebration. My two girls would have done just what your two did. Anne

Anonymous said...

You'll need the whole week to recover! It's nice you have a job where you can rest (and surf the net, email, read blogs..pity you can't sew there *lol)
Lucky you to win that fabric!!

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