Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spooktacular Swap 2009

HUZZAH! It looks like this will be a go. So far I have the following people for the swap:

Sharon : Spiders
Vickie: Halloween Candy
Caroll: Witch's Shoes and sox
Anne: Ghosts
Faith: Cats
Deborah: BOO
Diane: Bats
Melissa: Jack-O-Lanterns

That means we only need a few more. Please go over to Jane's blog and click on the Spooktacular button for the directions. In addition, I need your email address, your blog address (if you have one) and your choice of the make your own block. We can't duplicate those so first come first choice. Vickie has already given me her choice, so get back to me soon. Send your friends to Jane's blog and tell them to sign up(by emailing ME, mamaspark@gmail.com) right now! Please send your email with all this information TO ME NOT to Jane!!! This is very important so she is not dealing with all 12 of us just one of us!!!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Pam, I'm choosing withces shoes and socks for my block.

dianne said...

i bend to your will, oh great one! email is on the way...


this is it.

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