Friday, June 12, 2009

My "shopping" trip

So you all know that LTW and I went to a fabric warehouse place and we got some really cool stuff. They were having an open house and had some special things that we were able to take advantage of (ok, I know, their stuff is great all the time but this time was better!!) They had sample cards like the one below for sale. I think I bought 16 of these. I am only showing this one. Some were Prints Charming some were Christmas and some were for DD2's "Save the Planet" quilt I plan on making *someday*.

In addition I bought the following 3 bolts. That's right, Annemiek I said BOLTS plural!! One is of the 6 color Lone Star Quiltsmart interfacing (Rumor has it thses may be difficult to find soon and there are 3 of my friends that love them so thought it would be a good idea to have some for them too) and the other 2 were for fun. I can so see making a Stacked Posie or One Block Wonder type quilt out of them. LTW is taking half of the middle one to do the same, so you see half is already gone!
I bought these 2 FQ packs for gifts. The top one is for my friend Ellen (who NEVER reads this, tee hee) and not sure about the other one yet.

I love Bunnies, Ergo I love Bunny Hill Designs! I finally sprang for the Baltimore Bunnies patterns. I also got the newest one Rabbits Prefer Embroidery. Now I need to look for the Chelsea Manor fabric for that one! Heaven knows when that will get started but those bunnies just hopped right in the basket! They're like that you know.
I also got this realy cool book. See the birds on the cover? They are so neat and done with strips.

I did buy some thread and a design wall (LTW paid for half for my upcoming birthday!) I think that was most of the fun. I did go to my friend Cori's house and picked up a few things but will save that for another post. (You should go and visit her too!!!) Can't wait to put the design wall up and work with it. I am almost finished putting the Designer Mystery BOM together and then I have to clean up and put away all sewing and quilting until after the grad party = ( So this weekend is my last chance to sew)


Crispy said...

Oh I sure wish I had a warehouse of fabric to visit, I could do some damage! I just love your two bolts you bought, what are the plans?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Now that's what I would call a haul! Good for you~

Anonymous said...

Would you please tell us where this great fabric warehouse is ?

MichelleB said...

That third bolt is some great fabric! And that book! Is that new? Darling birds.

Anonymous said...

Fabric sample cards? o gosh that's great! A bit dissapointing though that you only showed ONE. I want to see more!! *lol*
Really like the fabrics for your friend Ellen. Lovely design and colour. From which manufacturer are those?
Btw a designwall is THE best thing. I don't have bolts but I DO have a huge designwall!!

Jeanne said...

Pretty good haul! Where is that warehouse? Do you need a license to shop there?

Allie said...

Well how fun is THAT! I love that bolt on the end, with the blue - sigh. Too funny that you got a design wall, I just took mine down, lol! Hope you get lots of sewing in this weekend.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Wow! What fun. Where is this warehouse? I'd like to go too.

Anne said...

Wow!!! You got some beautiful things. Love the fabric that you got that you are going to share with LTW. Will make a wonderful one block wonder. Would work well for a stack and whack. I have to make a quilt for work. Going to make it to raffle off for Relay for Life. One thing nice I have alot of helpers. I have to make a couple of blocks. I have to keep my quilt for the auction in the back of my mind.

Faith said...

whoooo so yummy things!! I love the bunnies and that kaufman fabric they all look fabulous!!

Gina said...

What great buys

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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